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  1. Hey there Donny. Nice to see you on here. Do some of the things you read on here and you will make your wife very happy.
  2. All right we are rolling. This is a great topic. So far some of you are off to a great start. All I have to say is that you are all lucky that I am NOT allowed in it, otherwise there would be another trophy in my trophy case! With that being said, if you need some ideas check out string near the bottom of the forums under holiday greetings...Happy Anniversary LargeOne & Aslan's Child. http://joelandkathy.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/830-happy-birthday-anniversary-largeone-aslanschild/ My advice to all of you is to just have fun with this. Don't put a lot of pressure on your
  3. All right we are rolling!!! John and Susan have entered the building. It's hard to believe all the changes that have happened in the last 3 years. When Susan first came to the ministry she just wanted to get me to stop yelling at her. Boy did her wish come true. Now there is no more yelling. No more arguing. No more fighting. Now we have just beautiful, wonderful, peace. Not only that, I don't put my wife down for how she feels or what she thinks. I accept her for the wonderful gift from God that she is. I use to tell Susan that we were a team. Back then Susan would do most things
  4. Way to go Super Daddy! Now we have to get you doing the things your wife needs so she can scream out I have a Super husband!
  5. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife Susan!!! May God look down upon you and bless you with all that your heart desires. You are a wonderful gift from God no only to me but to so many other people that you help in life. You are the sweetheart of the century without a doubt. Thanks for teaching me how become the man God made me to be and the husband that you deserve to have. I am so glad to be your husband. I love you with all my heart. Love, Your Hero
  6. Hi there Eric. Wow was Julie spot on! I was going to post a lot to you, but I agree completely with Julie. Great advice Julie. Great job of accepting that advice from her, at least publicly on here. I know that when I first started on the forums I hated to be corrected and to be told what I was doing was wrong. However, I realized that the things I got the most upset about were the things I needed to change the most about myself to be a great husband. This whole process is about being able to understand what your wife needs from you and being that source of life and strength. Your job
  7. Praise Your Way to a Breakthrough! Do you need God to make a way out of no way? The swiftness and surety of your deliverance starts with how you respond to hard times and difficult situations. Hear me when I say that it is not just enough to thank God and honor Him only when you've received a blessing. God wants you to show the extent of your faithfulness and trust in Him even in the midst of going through a challenge. The power of your praise will determine the magnitude of your breakthrough. Praise is not just clapping your hands or applauding God. It is showing respect, honor, and grat
  8. Thanks Abigail, I think? Thanks also to Dory, Tigger, MaryJane and Pure in Heart for your kind words as well. However these words top them all...I saw a man who has a heart like Jesus. And this morning, I saw a tenderness and a depth of love in my husband's eyes I never thought I would ever see. ....we have arrived at our OHM! You know what? I think they're right. My husband is kind, generous, thoughtful, considerate, humble and eager to learn and reflect God in all his ways. This is LargeOne50! This is my husband! Wow my wife is so awesome!! Thank-you for all your kind words.
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