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    Excellent Listen-er, Glass Half Full Look-er... these are what I used to think were my interests.

    My NEW interest is "ME"! Cause I don't know who I am. I have spent the last 25 years trying to "be mommy" to DEADGuy!

    Hey DEADGuy... come along and help me learn about me! I am no longer "interested" in being married to a child.
    * many belly laughs I am finally FREE to be ME!
  1. Our Z-Team, in J&K Land IS rocking and rolling! Sadly, we do NOT seem to be able to squeeze enough hours from our day to post more consistently! There's GOTTA be some time in "there" somewhere though! This (posting) "used to be" so important to me. It still is somewhere in there. () We are so incredibly BLESSED! DG gets to do the job that he used to do in Houston, FROM MY Town-home in the KC area. This is NOTHING short of AMAZING! Thank YOU, Jesus! We continue to get better at our roles in the OHM process. From my perspective, it's just like Kathy teaches, during the DG hiccups, it lit
  2. Gracy520 said: It's amazing how many have said the same thing! Gracy520 also said: I AGREE completely! , CHeRIsh
  3. The last couple weeks have been a blur! I am sorry that I have not posted lately. DG and I have been severely challenged in our family life w/ a couple issues that are not dealing w/ our relationship per say. AND Drum roll please..... I am blessed to report that, although not very "pretty" at times, we are doing much better, than in the past, at dealing w/ those issues. Yea! A very major victory is the re-discovery of the BAD side effects of Lexapro! DG is in the process of weening himself off of this EVIL (at least of us!) drug. It has been a real eye-opener to discover the amount of th
  4. DEADGuy and I ARE celebrating with you and MR. Clean on this VERY special week-end! WoW! Ya made it! You have your whole married life before you now. You are both following in J&K's example and walking into your union together... this IS your "happy place"! We wish we could be there to hug your necks! You have MUCH to celebrate! PRAISE God for HIS faithfulness! Congratulations! , CheRish and DG
  5. O.K., Today, I have received some good intentions from DG including a few well intended hugs and a couple kisses and a so-so apology. So, why do the crappy, M/S (Mother/Son!) Issued one line-ers HURT SO BAD!!!? I am TRYING to focus on the positive actions of DEADGuy. Jesus, please help me.... , CHeRIsh
  6. I can TOTALLY relate, my DG does the EXACT same thing to me! It's SO demeaning! I can't remember, how old your Blessings are? I am almost certain that they are still fairly young. If so, that is a REALLY crazy rough "stage" to be in. I CAN SO remember those "days" with "fondness" and RELIEF.... that we are in an older, "cleaner" phase! * Ya love 'em to pieces, BUT, its basically almost IMPOSSIBLE to get "all" of your house or even just all the "important" places clean, all at once. You basically need to decide, what I call is your "eww" level and then by an act of your will, clean to tha
  7. This does NOT seem to be working... I am so tired. DG is now living w/ me in my town-home, my Safe Place. I feel so trapped in all of this. I hear Kathy's words in my head, (something like), "here ya sit, you can either teach him how to be a great husband or not, 'cause he will always be the father of your children." (I am sry Kathy, I know that I just butchered it but, hopefully I was close!) The last 3-5 days have been miserable to say the least. We are both "so busy" w/ the responsibilities in our "day to day" world, it's crazy! I make myself stay aware of HIS (Jesus!) Presence, read on
  8. LoWtD said: For time sake, I am unable to read all of your thread. As I have been speed reading thru bits and parts, I have one "rubber meets the road" thing to mention. My DEADGuy was VERY irresponsible w/ our money way back when. (In fact, he is STILL workin' in the "department".) So, we HAD a tax lien as well. It was TERRIBLE. For 7-10 years, we never got our income tax returns plus "owed" them tons of money! My DG can point you in the right direction to get help w/ removing that. VERY reasonable plus she is an honest Christian. It's called something like "offer in compromise" I would ma
  9. MaryJane said: I agree completely w/ MJ! I copied your post and I am waiting for my DEADGuy to read it! It was full of insight that he NEEDS! Thank you, CHeRIsh
  10. Here's some "food" for thought, huh DG?!!! Thanks for sharing LoWtD! "Lots a work to do" said: , CHeRIsh
  11. June, you wrote: Thank you, Miss June! Your post hit the nail right on the head! How very odd for me to NOT realize that my newest boundaries had been VERY violated! I didn't even check my recent post against the list of boundaries. He blew just about every one of them! June said: Hey, DG you better show up here, DUDE! Thank you for your encouragement, Miss June. This helps me stay the course! One day at a time, Sweet JESUS! , CHeRIsh
  12. Carnine, you wrote: I CAN TOTTALY relate. I call this "feeling TRAPPED"! I want a marriage and WOW, to be "liked" by my hubby! That would be AMAZING, to get him past his M/S (mother/son!) Issued head! Joel told me while DG and I were at our 3rd Intensive that it was "o.k." in this season of healing for our marriage, to think of Jesus as my husband. Jesus can handle my (and your's as well.) adult emitional female needs MUCH better than my "3 year old"! It's just for a little while, I hope! I am prayin' for you and your fam! , CHeRIsh
  13. I said: DG has 4 weeks to prove to me that he WANTS to live in “my” town-home with me as well as dwell in understanding with me. Up to this point, things have gone relatively smooth. But, yesterday... day NINE was REALLY a bad day as far as DG re-opening old wounds! So, far today... day ten has gotten much worse. He has slammed the door at least twice and “raised his voice” way more than that. Below, I will attempt to give you a “sample platter” of the poisonous words that he has been “serving” me in the last roughly 24 hours. This is in very random order. I can’t do anything right! (As he i
  14. Yes, they are speaking of the two books by Joel and Kathy. If possible, it would be handy to actually purchase two sets. His and Hers!
  15. How AWESOME that you found this ministry! You are among many friends. Please plug-in and reap the many benefits. God Bless you and your journey, as you discover just how much Father God LOVES you! 'Round here, the saying goes, "God ALWAYS takes care of HIS girls!" , CHeRIsh
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