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  1. This is interesting, too. Thank you for posting this information. I never thought about P-A men viewing sex differently from other men. We've gone for years at a time without any sort of intimacy. I never could pinpoint what the problem was. I knew I didn't feel cared about and I thought he just didn't want to have to deal with me emotionally, but I couldn't explain his lack of interest in sex. I think this article is right on target, in that, it is a self-protective control / manipulation issue. What a lack of love for someone who is supposed to be a Christian husband! I hope you are
  2. Hi 2Ann, I know you posted this article a while ago, but I am just now seeing it. Thank you for posting it! The highlighted statements above really spoke to me. They are so true. The paragraph above about what wives need to do to break free from the situation fits right in with what is taught here. The last paragraph above really boggles my mind because it speaks of what should happen within the church but rarely does. As it states, women are victimized first by their husbands and THEN by the church.... just by the church's unwillingness to get involved in the situation OR by giving h
  3. Thank you, peacelilly, for posting this helpful information. Question: Do you use any sort of special brush for body brushing? Thanks.
  4. Awesome post, BH!! Just stay on this path and continue to accept correction without resentment, as you say you are doing. You will reach your goal if you do this consistently. Your progress and your imiproved attitude are encouraging!
  5. WOW! Congratulations to BlessingHer and FreeDog for persisting on this thread! I hope your wives are seeing consistency and feeling genuine love in your actions. Keep going. We're all cheering you on!
  6. Wow, that's profound. I hadn't heard this before. Just as in intimacy, huh? Actions first then the feelings follow, for the men. Opposite for the women. I didn't think about this applying to other areas of their lives but it makes sense. Of course, I'm sure it also works the other way for both of us, at times.
  7. Hi Son-worshipper, What was the final decision?
  8. Hi 4evrHZdtr3, I can completely relate with you on this... a broken down relationship with your/my daughter. It's painful and frustrating when you can see where it stems from. It's hard enough to face our own failures, but when our husbands are not doing what it takes to heal and repair relationships and heal the situation, it makes things even more difficult. I pray that your husband gradually and steadily wakes up to this and really begins to repair your family relationships. Ideally, he needs to set the example. I do admire you for your latest response to your daughter and I will hav
  9. Hi Chris, I am SO happy to hear this! I hope things are staying on this positive path. Just take it slow and steady. Be the consistent, dependable, pro-active husband she needs you to be and her confidence and trust in you will grow just as steadily. Please keep us updated on your progress. Thanks! Thoughtfully, musicteacher
  10. I think I should clarify that the main thing I am trying to do right now is just to avoid contact with my husband. I try as much as I can NOT to ask him for anything. Only if something really needs fixing, do I ask him for help. The less dependent I am on him, the better. He sees me in such a negative light that any kind of dependence on him or any evidence that I can't make it on my own just feeds into his negative view of me. The biggest problem I have is being negative and irritable around him when I do have to see or speak to him. I don't know how to get rid of that. That's my bigge
  11. Dear Precious Welshlamb, I remember you! I'm so glad you came back and posted an update. I've wondered about you. I haven't been here for a while, so I'm just now seeing your post. I hope things continue on the healing path for you. You deserve complete healing and a renewed life. You are worth it! (((BIG HUG))) to you, Welshlamb! Please continue to post so we can continue to encourage you! In His Love, musicteacher
  12. I'm just noting that we have passed the three year mark of separation. Nothing has changed and nothing has improved. I appreciate your responses, esterspurpose and Looney_Tunes. I can understand what you are saying. However, I also do not see myself as being responsible for making sure my husband is walking the path that he should be walking. That is HIS responsibility. Yes, it is oppressive to live this way with a total lack of resolution. However, I have to weigh the situation and do what seems most palatable for now. I am so in debt that I cannot afford to pay for a divorce or l
  13. My dear sweet Looney_Toones, Thank you for checking in on me and for your kind words. I haven't been here for a while or I would have responded sooner. Why am I still married to this man? Several reasons... Because it has been drilled into my head that divorce is wrong. Because it has been assumed and drilled into my head [by many] that the problem is ME. Because I have a tendency toward depression and because I have always been the one who complains when things aren't right, it appears that there is something wrong with ME. (He accuses me of "never being satisfied.") His happy-g
  14. Hi MaryJane, Thanks for the suggestion, but he won't do it. He doesn't agree with the teachings here and sees no reason to call Joel. When Joel tried to call him, he didn't get a hold of him but left a message. My husband never called him back. When I asked him if Joel had called him, he said that he had left him a message. I asked him if he would call Joel and he said no, but that if Joel happened to get a hold of him, he would talk to him. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Typical passive-aggressive move. My hands are tied. Princess Fiona, I'll get back to you later.
  15. Hi, MaryJane. Just checking in. My brain is so confused. I am on another forum where there are some Brits and some Canadians and you all spell words with the "u" in them. I begin to think that the way we spell things is wrong! armor and armour ~ just two different ways of spelling it. Hope you are feeling a little better and hope to see you back here soon!
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