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  1. Heartsong; I just read through a couple pages of your posts. I am exaspetated for you! Wow, and I thought my husband was ridiculous (well, he is acting that way but....)..... I just want you to know I am lifting you up iin prayer. God is faithful, He will always keep His promise and do what He said, even when shock doesn't. I'm sure you know this,..I just want to encourage you. Today, I am casting the whole of my care (worries,anxieties, fears, concerns) on Him, because He cares for me affectionaltly, and cares about me watchfully' 1 peter 5:7. I pray the same for you! Love, inchris
  2. I just wanted to say 4toPol, I am praying for you. I know to an extent how you feel and am in the same boat with my H. God is so faithful , and he is going to bring you and I both our VICTORIOUS either way, cuz we are his daughters. Praying for you, InLove
  3. Just wanted to say that I miss you Looney. This is shelly parker...when I first joined in 08/09 you would post to me alot. You always made me laugh. Love you and praying for you!
  4. I tried to 'drag' these to my itunes/ipod, but can not find them on my ipod? I even saved them to my computer then added them to my library on itunes, and then synced my ipod...still cant find em? Any help? THank you so much
  5. I know you don't know me, but I used to post regularly and have been away for several months. But I am back now because things are going down hill between my husband and I. I just wanted to say that after reading several of your posts, my husband sounds ALOT like yours. ALOT ALOT ALOT> Crazy. So I am going to follow your posts too... maybe it will help me. Thank you Take care and be STRONG in the Lord!
  6. Hi OG. This is Shelly and I have a topic under the Minstry to women who men are not cooperative. I am going through something very similar. I had a week from hell and was freaking out when I found out my Husband joined the forum. I felt as though my safe place was gone. In my freaking out, I PM's Kay and asked for help. She suggested that I hook up with you and we support each othere since we are going through this crap at the same time. I 'kicked' my H out last tuesday, almost one week ago. We have been married almost 12 years and have 2 gorgeous children, true gifts from God. I can r
  7. Looney Tunes!!! I am so happy your husband stepped up to the plate on this. It's ironic - I wanted to go to that (we live in Northern Michigan) but my husband hasn't read the book yet AND we don't have the extra. But YEAH! God is Good!
  8. Pure in Heart. I am truly sorry you are going through this but you sure are a strong woman. GOD is so amazing and so faithful. I pray so many abundant blessings beyond this new door, more than you can imagine or think. Your help already has been a wonderul blessing to me. Shelly~
  9. Well Looney Tunes - I wish I could help you out. I do. But I want you to kow you are encouraging me - and making me feel not alone if this helps at all. My H does the same sort of thing - then wonders why I get upset. Duh! Now I love him, but it's called a blessed thing called Common Sense! Yikes! My car - well it's on it's last leg and he fixes everyone else but mine. Strange. After reading through all your post Looney Tunes, I think you are doing amazin' I am praying for you and your family. Keep walking strong in HIM! Love, Shelly
  10. Not much more to say than wow.... I checked off way to many...some for me...some for him. I am hoping today will have some effect (meet with out Pastors). I am just thankful that God is a God of restoration and he can change hearts. How can we 'un-do' emotional divorce? I know we prayed for God to blow on the embers left....
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