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  1. So sorry Julie. I know how you feel. I have been hopeless and sad for 3 anniversaries now. One of our anniversaries in India, Peter had such a big temper tantrum when I wasn't overly happy about celebrating, and threatened that he would make me find my own way home... You have another anniversary - the day you decided to put your trust in someone trustworthy - your heavenly Father. Elisabeth
  2. I feel for you, GF. There are so many days that, without my kids, I would never get out of bed. But hang in there! God is the best husband in the world!!! And he will heal us where our husbands have failed. Do whatever it takes to be a good mommy, change your presecription, whatever. You may recall that I changed mine recently. And continue to ask God how to "disconnect" from him in a healthy way. As God works on my heart, the pain is definitely easing. I have been apart from him for over 9 months. Also, I agree with sisterB. I hang out with Drug Addicts and Alcoholics who have tu
  3. Oh Eyeore, I am praying for you. HD, please keep us updated, and remind her that God is in the business of allowing us to just BE, not DO, so your love for her (a reflection of His) will not change no matter how much pain she is in, no matter what happens each day. Love to you both, JMG
  4. Thank you! This is so beautiful. And so great to see you and Jolene supporting one another - what sisters are for! I am so sad, too. I can see that there is no hope for Peter. He is not capable of this change and not ever going to be in a place where God can get at him. This week has peeled my eyes and revealed some more truth about this situation. Thanks for reminding me of CS Lewis. I should check out my library too. Hang in there! You are not a failure, and you are proving how amazing you are! Elis
  5. sister B: I was able to see the photos once I logged in to FB and then clicked on the link again. I am Elisabeth Daley on FB, only girls on my friends list, but I think my privacy settings are also set to high. Feel free to add me if you can, girls. I will NOT accept any men, ever! Elis
  6. Julie: We should NOT rely on our husbands or their families to babysit. It is a hard pill to swallow but it has really proven to them that I am DONE with him. When I was using them for babysitting, they used it to get to me and to abuse me further. And they felt like they had the upper hand. Just be thankful for your parents. My mom is my first abuser especially when she is depressed and so I have no one to help out - as she hurts my kids with her high expectations. When you get back from the doctor, just snuggle in bed with all of the kids. That's how I cope with my sick days. Shou
  7. Julie: I have recently read a really good book by Priscilla Shirer called. "Discerning the Voice of God." Out of all the principles, the ones that stuck out in my mind as a new, fresh perspective include: 1) a story about George Mueller (ran an orphanage in Britain - great story!) and how he would not ask God what His will was in a given situation until he had emptied himself of his own perspective on the situation. He used Jesus as the example - in Gethsemane. So, the only way to know for sure you are not influencing your prayer life and understanding of His direction is when you are fu
  8. I can only say that in my experience if he really is almost borderline personality or in any way narcissistic, therapy can make him WORSE!!!! My husband has left J and K to pursue therapy and he is lying to her and the Holy Spirit. Pray about it. Only God knows the true heart matters and whether it is good or not for him. Also, can you really tell him what to do at this stage? Elis
  9. Aw - Julie - don't think for one minute that this is good. Peter's appearance was not a positive experience, as a for instance. He is actively abusing me and he will eventually give up. I was his first kiss and his only sex partner (except for all the ladies he MB'd to on the internet!) and I think that has a great deal to do with this behaviour. I have been his narcisstic supply for 21 years!!! It will take him a LONG time to refocus on some other object (he is working on money being my replacement it seems). I am praying for you. It is very lonely in this place. I have had some pre
  10. Ditto to Friewalker's post from me, Julie. sleep peacefully knowing you are inhis arms. So what? Peter has the meanest attorney ever but he's not getting anywhere with me. In the end, God will sustain us, not lawyers. Elis
  11. menomama: Just want to post here and say that going to an intensive with a man who is clearly not ready is torture. I did it and my life was miserable that weekend. Please - we need to all pray for this situation regarding what it will take to make him truly ready. If he goes with the attitude I heard last night, he will not hear any of it. His heart is so hard! Lord God, our loving Father, please help menomama to discern Your way in this situation. She needs to know when she can move back into her home, she needs to know whether it is your timing for her to go to an intensive, she nee
  12. Good for you! I am proud of you and I want you to know that I have had so many setbacks like that - my recovery group calls them my relapses. I answer when he calls and I go ballistic as I try to justify my behaviour to him and argue with him. You are back on track and stronger for having realised how useless it is to talk to him and affirmed to knwo that "dark" is good for you. I think of it like brainwashing, the longer we are not listening to the enemy's lies (coming from our husband's mouths) the more of God's truth can sink in and we are free (deprogrammed). Isn't it a wonderful fee
  13. Welcome menomama! I am joanna means gift and you can read my thread, but just to tell you, my husband has sent many emails with a similar sentiment over my 8 months apart from him. And now people in real life (here in my city) believe me, because they cannot hold it in. Just keep praying and drawing close to the Lover of your Soul and He will direct your path. Praying for you, Elisabeth
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