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  1. So Richard...some advice. If you and your wife were happy and peaceful and fine with this before, and you are unhappy now and it is NOW an issue, what created the change? These words from this other couple. I think, along with hearing other views, it is SUPREMELY IMPORTANT that you re-visit this with your wife. So, you and your wife had a part of your private sex life that you both enjoyed. You had no issues of dirtiness or shame attached to it. Another couple, again, possibly well-meaning, projects THIER opinion on the two of you, THEN and only THEN did you and your wife begin to feel sh
  2. Richard, Wow. I am saddened to hear that a part of your married, enjoyable pleasure between you and your wife has been come against. I have ALWAYS believed that whatever a married couple is doing, as long as both parties enjoy, is FINE. As to the argument that you cannot praise God with a mouth that has "been used in such a way".... Let me say a few things. First, a mouth that has been "used in such a way"...hmm.... Using a part of one's body to bring pleasure.... using a part of one's body to do something and each party consents to and enjoys... using a part of one's body to do something t
  3. SO this is a pretty old thread but this is the best place for this, I think. I just wanted to pop in and say HI! Tomorrow Steven and I celebrate 17 years of marriage. I am not sure this would have happened had it not been for this ministry. I am grateful to God for showing me here. Thank you Joel and Kathy. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you to all of you who have been there along the way. Steve sent me tulips today because he knows they are my favorite. He coordinated it so that they showed up at my office while I was there. I am a hospice CNA so I am rarely in the office, but he made it hap
  4. Kay, there is an update on Courtney on her original thread in prayer requests. Thanks for your prayers!
  5. I simply cannot believe it has been close to a year since my last post! I have thought many times about popping in but there are never enough hours in a day! So.....update. There have been so many changes..it seems like Steve and I are not finding that OHM, but we keep hanging in there. We are not in the desperate trouble we were in when I first came here, not by any means. Steve has worked really hard, he continues to apologize and work on things. I don't really get notes or presents anymore...I dont know if that should bother me more than it does...it really doesn't. It just is. Insp
  6. Jackie, I pray you will take ALL that Joel said (imagine the TIME he just took for you!) and prayerfully consider it. I don't know much about what sort of personality I have, but let me tell you, when my husband started this process..I flat out told him "Go for it, good luck with that..I want to live as roommates for the kids, I AM DONE, but if you want to try this whole Joel and Kathy thing...whatever floats your boat!" He started this (and continued for a time) with and for a wife who was TOTALLY UNINTERESTED in restoration. The things Joel has said here are not easy things for a wife to
  7. We got a very hopeful update on Courtney yesterday! Several weeks ago, she left the facility in Utah, because they specialize in rehab, and the experts there, after observing her for a few weeks, did not believe she was a candidate for rehab. They just came to believe that the damage to her brain was too severe. She has been getting HBOT M-F here, physical therapy daily, occupational therapy daily, and speech therapy daily. Yesterday, Courtney's doctor brought in another neuro, one who has never seen Courtney. She looked over her records, then examined her, including observing Courtney's
  8. Quick update.. Things in our life just feel kind of like we are in a holding pattern. They are not bad, yet not fabulous. This shift Steve is on makes it very hard for us to have any real time together. While I definitley feel like we are on more solid ground, this is just hard to feel like we are ships passing most of the time. But I would not say we are strained or in trouble, it just feels like "it is what it is" right now. I know this is not a grand update, but the news is, we are hanging in there. Things could be better as far as time spent together, but we seem to be managing.
  9. Kimberly, Not silly at all. I totally receive that. And ~~speaking of prophetic~~ Her room is number 5. The number of God's grace.
  10. Thanks again to everyone. Heather and Kimberly...my church has been believing that Courtney's awakening will be a testimony to many young people. That this IS HUGE in the Kingdom. There is a young man across the hall from Court, drug overdose. I have been not only believing for Courtney, but believing for this young man as well. Are miracles stopped by walls? I think not. So, when I am with Court, I remember this young man as well. I just saw in my mind's eye, Court awakening, and this young man as well. He was not doing well. Seizures. Tonight, his father reports that HE IS REPEATIN
  11. There are some worrying about what Courtney will be able to do when she wakes up...I am believing for a FULL RECOVERY, and speaking this verse.. Philippians 1:6 And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you. God has begun the good work of waking her. Many believe she will testify of the Goodness of God with her mouth. I am believing that God will not do this in half measures. She will b
  12. Courtney is showing signs of waking up! Her eye is opening with more intent. (only one, the other side is a bit swollen) She is reacting to pain stimulus. She is reacting to respiratory techs cleaning her breathing tube (gagging) She is yawning. She is reacting to cold hands touching her. She is reacting to a cold cloth on her head. We are praying and believing that the GOOD work God has started will be complete and she will come back, fully Courtney, fully functional....FULLY HEALED. IN JESUS NAME. Thank you for continued prayers.
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