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  1. Hello, I have been watching over you two, and hoping things will continue on toward a more positive and loving path. You know, I realized something today while looking at your picture that is here to represent you. I love your wife, she is precious. She is obviously very strong, and very very forgiving. And yet, this picture that you have here, portrays YOU as the "main focus", and her as almost a timid looking servant. She deserves so much much more honor than what you have given her... Here, or in your marriage. You two are struggling along, day by day, trying to make your lives
  2. I am sorry to disappoint you all. I have decided to back away from the forum. I have seen that even still, Chris is not concerned with how I might feel about what he wants to do. He is not concerned with MY heart at all. And I have decided that enough is enough. I do hope that Chris will grow into a wonderful father to these children. But I no longer hope for anything to come of US as a couple. I can see that was NOT his intention at all.
  3. Dory, again, thanks for pointing things out. much needed. Chris, Thank you for preparing a meal and dropping it off. We will eat it tomorrow night, with Nanna. The kids had eaten while I was grocery shopping since we had not heard from you when you might be dropping it off. the kids put candles in a wonderful triple chocolate cake for me after we put away the groceries. It probably wasn't the best supper for me to eat just dessert, but it IS my birthday! As for the children... I am planning to keep them for tomorrow. Nanna is coming for dinner and cake. I moved my hours to late
  4. Thank you Dory, for bringing that up. As for that meal. If you are able to do that tonight, that would be fine. I will be back at the house probably around 6:30. You can drop it off anytime, though. I have some major grocery shopping to do, and I am leaving now that all the workers are gone and the kids are settled. what is your schedule for next Tuesday?
  5. thank you for bringing the girls home a few minutes early tonight. and thank you for not being here long enough for B to notice you again. that was much appreciated.
  6. I am sorry to hear about the situation at work. It seems they have many kids there volunteering. I wonder what happened. As for spending time with N tonight, that is not really going to work, since you will not be here til just before her bedtime. K was crying, missing you tonight. Maybe you could pick up N & K tomorrow at just before ballet (like 5:15)? and spend some time with them afterward til 7:30pm. I really need to keep bedtimes as consistent as possible, with all this transition still going on.
  7. thanks for the offer to take the kids to the dentist, but I was planning to cancel those appt's and make them new ones with a REAL dentist. will take care of it. So, I will have N ready to go by 8PM tonight.
  8. Thanks David. Again, I completely understand where you are coming from- but this situation just wasn't that black and white. Know what I mean? Thank you for being there for Jacob tonight. I am sure he appreciated that greatly. He looked very happy coming in all greasy from working on the truck. I am sorry Paul was not completely ready when you were. He was dragging a little in doing the dishes. But he got done, and was quite happy to be able to go with you so that he can work with at the Food Bank tomorrow. Thank you for respecting the boundaries tonight, and NOT coming in the hous
  9. for time with J. please, communicate with J, as we have already talked about. HE is old enough to make his own plans with you, and HE can ask me if it's ok. J does need to be home AT 8 pm, as he has been having a lot of trouble getting up in time in the morning. He cannot stay out late. P would still like to go with you to work tomorrow, so yes, you can pick him up tonight. He will be ready and waiting at 8PM, so that you won't have to wait around. N would like to know if she can go on Wednesday instead, as she wants to be here on Thursday. If so, you would need to pick her up on Tue
  10. Thanks for driving J's truck home. And, thanks for leaving before we got home. Where did you leave me a note? I did not see one.
  11. 1. You may pick up the girls, tonight at 8:00 PM, and keep them til 1pm on SATURDAY. I will drop the kids, except for Natalie and Jacob, off with you after my fellowship meeting- around 12:30 or 1pm on Sunday, they will need to come home just after supper. 2. I will let you know the date of M&M's move as soon as I know for sure. 3. I have the basement done, but thank you for asking. 4. I will find a babysitter if you are unable to be here for the kids the nights we already spoke of me working outside the home. 5. It is YOUR responsibility to find a place for your things. The agreem
  12. Thank you for respecting my boundaries about the phone today. I appreciate that. Also, thank you for bringing P home on time, and for allowing him to bring groceries home, and helping him carry them in. Please next time, call as we had discussed, when you are on your way. I am sorry for shutting the light off when you were standing on the front porch.
  13. No, Chris, I don't, nor did I ever want YOU to try and refi the mortgage. NO Chris, I don't want to "go out with you" and talk. NO Chris, I don't want to be married to you anymore. No.. The answer is NO. When will you start listening? Everyone gives you such wonderful advice... and you STILL more than four years down the road, refuse to listen.
  14. looney-- I truly hate to do this-- but is there anyone else who would be able to take the ladies call this week? who would I try??
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