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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings all, I will use this post to start sharing my own experience. I received a book from Amazon.com from Joel and Kathy and thought this forum may be another great resource to help me through the difficult time I am going through. Fortunately I do have many good friends, family and spiritual leaders to turn to who have helped me and continue to help me. I am a lifelong Christian with my faith set firmly in Christ - he is my all in all and I know God already has the ultimate victory. Currently where I stand is that my wife of 8+ years, being together since September 2003, wants a
  2. Asking for some help with our next project. We have officially moved beyond the recovery and are making new plans for our future together... A tour bus to take this show on the road. See the details by clicking here. ----- Seven years ago, weeks before our 20th anniversary, my wife announced that she was done and wanted a divorce. Seven years later, we have survived the impossible and are making new plans for our future together. We blog about our journey and lessons learned at ErikMatlock.com. Over the next seven years, we plan to travel extensively, build a bed and breakfast retreat and
  3. (2nd try as board erased the first attempt) I am 49 years old and married for 28 years. My wife left me in August after finding porn in my web history. I had anger issues and after reading much in the last 3 months find I was the problem. My problem of me is compounded with Papers served including Restraining Orders. It is a bleak Christmas this year. I have repented of the porn and have Covenant Eyes blocking both Facebook and YouTube. I have drawn very close to God and until 2 weeks ago felt there was hope. My wife brought up in open court pain that was simply NOT true from 2
  4. Not to scare away any new members to the forum or those following the ministry, but this morning my divorce (after a 5 month separation) was finalized - three weeks and 4 days after the filing date! No that's not atypo. If it's uncontested and there are no disagreements with the settlement or parenting plan, the case can really be expedited in our state. I attended the hearing and testified even though I waived my right to appear because I didn't like thinking about my wife being there alone in that tense and difficult situation. Here's the greatest difficulty in all of this: if I had surrend
  5. Satan has my husband and our marriage. Our divorce is nearing and my husband is living in sin. His heart is beyond hardened and he is headed toward a path of destruction. We have no contact other than texting to exchange our son, he won't make eye contact with me. He seems so far gone and has always felt trapped in our marriage and had one leg out. He never could communicate or put in time and effort with us. I am praying for restoration despite the affair (that we have never spoken about) and everyting else. I took my vows to heart and I know that God can change a man and restore us. I welcom
  6. Married 29 yrs, the Controller has been abusive for 13. The Controller says that he will be happy to go to your conference only after I return the money. To a controlling person, every outing, expenditure, etc is an opportunity to get something that they want. I don't feel a peace about that because I feel his enmity against me, usually daily. I took that step (transferring about 76%, which includes my 50% money for lawyer, and the reunion, so he doesn't have to control it, money if he makes life difficult like not allowing me Internet access or the keys to the car; he's done both before on mu
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