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Found 2 results

  1. CLEANSING IS A LIFELONG PROCESS It is my sincere that one fact from this outline may help someone. May Engles 1. DETOXING (CLEANSING) is the oldest, most dependable medicine. A. Described in most ancient scriptures. B. Hippocrates called it "the best medicine." C. Today, Andrew Weil M.D. is a strong advocate of detoxing. D. Elson Haas, M.D. specializes in cleansing diets which he says are the most powerful tool for maintaining health. II. Why should we cleanse? A. Body designed to be self-cleaning, self-healing; cleanse periodically or on-going. B. To
  2. Julie, Here is the article we talked about on the call tonight. May MY CANCER HEALING JOURNEY May B. Engles Copyright © 2004 In March of 1983 during a routine medical examination, my doctor discovered a hidden mass in the left breast area. After undergoing more medical tests, I heard those dreaded words, “You have a malignancy.” I know I speak for others who have endured this experience, when I recall my feelings of “not knowing where to turn" for encouraging information. Having the good fortune to come upon God’s natural healing program which I hoped would allow my body to self-hea
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