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God Save My Marriage

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Onward christian soldier!
That's hilarious!


And these posts are getting funnier by the minute! For example, a remote control in with the checkbooks! Just as good a place as any. :)


Dory, actually, I'm glad you don't have to eat Teflon anymore. They say it's bad for you. Honest!



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Isn't Teflon OK so long as you don't ever cook on it higher than MEDIUM, such that you compromise the surface? Of course I do agree that the minute the surface starts peeling, its time to toss. So if i am REAL careful and only use LOW heat, then isn't it better to cook with than butter or lard?


I do use cast iron with most things hey, (maybe even use it as a 2x4?), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teflon for eggs, omlets, and hash browns.




Would you mind coming here and finding my two credit cards? I managed to lose BOTH of them. Help Nemo is rubbing OFF onto me! Nooooooo...

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Would you mind coming here and finding my two credit cards? I managed to lose BOTH of them.


:rotfl: :rotfl: I'm SO glad I stopped by again!


I don't know. Your idea about cooking on Teflon on medium sounds reasonable to me. I've used a pan or two coated with that stuff. I don't think it's the cause of any of our problems. :D


Dr. Mercola probably wouldn't agree.

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Dory and Nemo are hosting a fall cookout gathering for anyone living close enough to 44236 to come on Saturday Sept 26th, 2009!


Gathering can start anytime after 1pm on Saturday. I have reserved the Clark pavillion at a jewel-of-a-park 1 mile from our place called Hudson Springs park. This park is located at 7095 Stow Road, Hudson, OH 44236. Fun activities include: frisbee golf, canoeing, walking trails, fishing, bocce ball courts, sand volleyball, horseshoe pits, playground (w/hedge maze for toddlers)


Click here for directions:



We plan to cook hot dogs and hamburgers and grilled mesquite pork chops. We will have drinks and snacks on hand too. Side dish, or salad, or fruit or deserts are welcome. Bring frisbees or horsehoes if you like to play the aformentioned games. We have some frisbees, a bocce call set, volleyball, fishing stuff and canoe stuff.


If there is still some life and fun to be had, all are welcome back to our place for toasted marshies and singing around a campfire (1 mile away). Need to bring own lawn chairs if you want to plan for this part.


Anyone desiring to stay overnight are welcome to do so via tent camping in our back yard, or in a local hotel, or on air mattresses (small home, large yard). Sunday morning, of course, we are off to church (and anyone is welcome to come worship WITH us)!


All are welcome! Please PM me to let me know if you can come!


Prayers for NO RAIN are ALSO ENCOURAGED! Pretty please?? THANKS!

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Have fun! Largeone50 - you are so funny in your post.


I don't think you MEANT to be funny.. but you are FUNNY in it!


"Woa is me. I have a job now. I can't go to the picnic.."


definitely a funny comment!


Hey, in most jobs you can "trade hours" with people - but don't just ask for a day off without pay unless your bride would want you to do that.. but I doubt she would want you to do that!


Hey! Why don't you contact "cherish" or get on the "zurvita" call on Sunday with Chad and Cherish. You come out ahead $25 per month in "real money" after paying the initial sign up and first and second month... so after a while, you get everything back you spent to sign up - AND you can introduce ANYONE - even "broke" people to Zurvita and they can sign up and also, at LEAST end up with $25 per month more than they spend... BUT - if a person enrolls other people.. they make money!.. and it is ongoing residual income.


Others who are signed up who you can sign up with are Jeff and Heather, Chet and Margie, Brian and Wen... seems like there is someone else... ah yes, Bill and Mary.


Normally, we would not push a marketing program on the forum - but we DO ALWAYS, at EVERY intensive, encourage couples to get into a network marketing program - so they can slowly build an income over the next few years - and eventually can quit their jobs. Most network marketing companies COST money every month until you start getting people under you. Zurvita is the only one I know that you pay $50 and get $75 back every month - so you are "making" money without signing even one person up. Who would not want to pay $50 and get $75 back every month? We are not personally signing people up etcetera - Chad and Cherish are doing that for us so we can stay focused on the marriage ministry - but you really ought to check it out.


Wen and Brian liked the 'on call doctors" they can call anytime they want that is a FREE service on top of the $75 you get each month. There are a ton of other awesome services you can get also... I can't say too much because I don't know a lot right now - but contact Cherish - or one of the others I mentioned who are "in" and they can give you "their" zurvita website address so you can look it over and get signed up.


Yes, you do pay $95 to sign up and then $50 per month the first and second month before you start getting your $75 rebates... but from that point forward, you are home free. That $195 total that you spend to sign up and in the first two months will be recaptured after just four months of getting the $75 back - AND - if you enroll others you start to build a business.


I used to "dream" of how to have a network marketing company that truly does not "cost" anything - and Zurvita has done it. You can actually build an ongoing residual income "giving money away!" (We earned a living in network marketing 25 years ago for a couple years. Long story. Not worth going into - but we learned that network marketing is really the most realistic way to start a business on a shoestring that can make a person wealthy. You could also start a grass cutting business or snow shoveling business or hand car wash business on a shoestring - but network marketing is much less physical labor and is the only one that will keep giving you money after you have built it.


By the way, the first $50 rebate each month is in gift cards that you use the same as cash on anything. The third $25 is a restaurant certificate - and since you are already going on a date each week (right?) - the $25 restaurant certificate is also "real" money.


Have fun at the picnic ya'll!

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Hey Dory, I think we will have to pass on this picnic. So sorry, it sounds like a lot of fun! We have to be on the bus for a game at 6:00 am. We won't be back to the school until about 4:00. I have a feeling I will be ready to crash by then. Sorry! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Waaaah!!!! I wish we could be there, too! :cry: You & Nemo are certainly wonderful hosts ~ but my fishy-friend, my only request of you tomorrow ~ PLEASE sit and ENJOY your food, company & surroundings! You worked so hard @ the camp-out, I was worried that you didn't have a lot of fun! ;)


Love to all who'll be there - and SOMEONE - don't forget to bring a camera so we can all see who was there, REAL FACES!!!!!



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Hey everyone... I will NOT be toting a camera tomorrow!! My daughter has the only one that we own that works with her at the conference. Sorry! Both of our other ones are dead... unless I can find my daughter's old one. I will search!


Can't wait for tomorrow!! ::clap

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