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God Save My Marriage

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Honey, I am sorry for being late this morning. You are absolutely right to feel this way. You have been hurt by my actions too many times not to feel this way. When you see me miss the mark, it calls into question everything, not just the situation that initiated the doubts. You are doing the right thing by accepting no less from me than what is reasonable and obtainable. Because of your stand, I have never lied again to my employers...you are an outstanding helpmeet and you are making a difference! I appreciate you so much and am so sorry for hurting you yet again. You are a priceless treasure and I am thankful every day that you are giving me a chance to change.

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You haven't lied to your employers since then, but you view your start time as optional. You mentioned your cell phone bill (the only bill you have to pay) is late. And you have no answer when I ask you why. You're not even sure what you want to do with your career and you're 41 years old.


As I shared with you today, I don't want a third child. I am looking for you to be a man who can take care of himself and his family. I don't want the old Leon back. He has taken everything our family had and destroyed it. We lost our house, our savings, our health insurance, our family unit, and our dreams.


Right now, you are squandering your life's time - and ours - and I can't remain patient much longer...It is torture to see you still seemingly lost when I have been so clear. It leaves me frustrated, dumbfounded and really discouraged. I don't know how else I can help you understand. This is why I think there is a disconnect in your brain that could best be served by medicine. You have looked down on me for reaching out medically when I knew I needed it. But, which of us is leading the healthy, productive life? I did what it took to pull my life together and make it count.


In order for me to believe restoration is possible, I am looking for you to manifest:







and above all else, CHRISTLIKE CHARACTER that will not be deterred by anything or anyone.


Serving the old Leon back up to me with a candy coating is not good enough. There must be no question that God is chiseling you into the above before a new relationship can begin. And if that doesn't happen, neither can our future together.


What stands in your way?! PINPOINT IT. MOVE IT! FIX IT! GET HELP. GET MEDICINE. GET INTERVENTION. GET GOING and propel yourself into the future God wants for you.

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Snow White,


I must say that you my dear are a "perfect" help-meet. You are honestly, amazing.


Last Chance has before him the road map to your heart laid out perfectly.


There are no excuses at all for him.


You are clear and precise with your husband.


As Joel would say, you are perfect like Kathy :D


I pray your prince steps up and takes the poison out of that nasty apple.... awakens your heart again to love...a castle would be nice too :D



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