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God Save My Marriage

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Thank you for writing Jenisy! You are really on the right track - and yes, if Ephesians man will be consistant, you are going to keep making progress.


It is the weekend. You two want to make sure you don't stay out too late and don't go out drinking.. ok? Save that money.. just do something nice instead with a little money like maybe bowling or something? Maybe you can find some discount coupons or call a bowling alley and ask them if they have any coupons in circulation.. something like that?

cory works all weekend. ny son was a bit of a terror today. my mom babysat for a couple of hours and i went to a vinyard with some ladies from chruch today and listend to music and ate pizza. it was nice and free. luckily oregon has nice country mixed with the city. in the morning i am taking my son to a parade and sat market downtown, this is also free and i have vouchers for free produce form the farmers so i cant wait to get some fresh veggies. hopefully we can make it to church this weekend. anywhos going to get some sleep. good idea tho, i will have to mention that for a date sometime.

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Hi Chontel - Kathy was simply too tired after the Weekend Marriage Intensive and church to return the call.. sorry about that! Hope you had a weekend and if you guys needed help, I hope you got on the Sunday night couples call? Kathy is starting her women's call at nine thirty am on Tuesday - eastern time - until twelve thirty.. so, if all else fails, she'll be able to talk to you then. It takes a day to recoup after the Intensives.. hope you two are doing GREAT!

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Hey joel, Thanks for responding. My wife has been a champ these last few days. I have been in a lot of pain lately because of a Kidney stone and she has been really tough. I can tell it has been really hard on her because I am basically doing nothing most of the time because the pain is so bad. I have a few breaks from the pain throughout the day but not enough to help her out very much. She has been taking care of ET and me. It has been really tough on her but she is doing great. I think and really hope today was the last of it, as I am feeling better at the moment, if so then I am going to really step it up and give back to her. She deserves it very much.

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Hey, update time! Last night was a date night and it went bad. I was in a lot of pain part of the way into the date and I became very quiet and inclusive. I don't mean to ruin our dates by being quiet when I'm pain It's just really hard for me to be happy and chipper and talkative when I'm in extreme pain. I still wanted to finish our date and just try to get some ibuprofen or something, I wanted to to be fun for her even though I was hurting. I should have been honest and told her I was in a lot of pain and we should just go home. I didn't really handle it in a very manly way when she got upset about it either, I blameshifted and went into self pity and got really frustrated. well that was the bad that happened lately. The good is that we are going to be getting a check in the mail for almost the exact amount we will need for our intensive! whoo hoo! praise the lord! He is always faithful.


I think the biggest problem we're having lately is I am being a responder and Chontel is being the initiater. She is getting really tired I can tell. So It's time for me to step up and be a man and stop responding like a woman.


Well I just wanted to post and update real quickly. We're struggling a little bit but we're still moving forward.

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There is absoulutely nothing wrong with being sick or in pain and admitting it and nursing yourself and being nursed. That is just part of married life.. Chontel did great up until that time helping you in your pain and yes, you should have been honest with her about being in pain.


"I am sorry that I am going internal and shutting down. The pain from the kidney stones is really bad right now. Would you pray for me?" and yes.. then get to bed and rest. Nothing wrong with that at all.

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This is IT!


Intensive Weekend in Washington with Michael and Annalea!


We pray for a MIRACLE breakthrough for you two! and the TWO shall be ONE!


Hey Ephesians Man..


How about stepping up to the plate and joining the contest!




Sweep her off her feet!

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