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God Save My Marriage

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Thank you for your kind words.  


I am sorry that this thread (Crystal and Freedog) is full of poison and anger and unhappiness.  It's not a healthy thread to look at.




FD and I don't live in that poison garbage heap anymore. 

We care about each other and life is pretty good. 

Celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary with some of our most favorite people in May. 

Expecting our first grandbaby this summer, a little girl. 


I don't expect to return here to this forum, though we care about you all very much and I think I'll never forget you.

It's just time for me to move on.


Thanks to ALL!!! 





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Great update!  I said to Kathy, "I didn't know that C and FD were here visiting us!"  Smile. 


You started your topic in 2008.  What a journey it has been and how thankful we are that you made it successfull.. halelujah!


Would you pray about staying to help others? We need people, especially you, who have been with us for so long, to offer help to others in the same way that you have been helped, and have helped others on the forum during your journey. 


We would love for you to make helping people a regular part of your life though the forum here... and FreeDog - we need you too!  A recovered, formerly passive husband is SO needed around here.. to help, help, help other men!


It was great being with you on that cruise a few years ago. Seven years.. my how time flies.. and we have been so blessed to have you be a part of our lives. 


Guess where we are today? We are in California - at the Monarch Beach, St. Regis resort. Amazing place. If LegalShield did not pay for it, for the airfare and did not give us $500 for food, we would never be at this place. It is not our style to spend $25 for a Cheeseburger and french fries! Pretty good Cheeseburger and fries.. but for $25?... hmm...  I think that people who stay at a resort like this on their own dime just does not want to be around average folk. Average folk would never be here, that is for sure! - unless they get it paid for by someone else like we are having!


Fortunately, lunch today is also provided by LegalShield as a group..  and so is dinner on Saturday night.  That makes the $500 last until Sunday!  (Breakfast buffet today is $33 each.. but we are eating CVS protein bars..  since we get a free lunch served on the outdoor "grand lawn" today with 800 other happy LegalShield folks!


Everyone have a blessed, blessed day!

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I said I didn't expect to come back onto the forum, but here I am.


As you may or may not know, FD and I tragically lost our youngest son this summer. Our lives will never be the same again. We miss him so much.


FD has been a great husband and friend during this time. A thing like this would have destroyed us completely not that long ago. But as far as our marriage, it seems God has prepared us for such a time.


I love FD's hugs, his tenderness and his new found vulnerability + strength = manliness! We've had some tough days since we suddenly without prior warning became instant empty nesters. Nightmare…but it's a different kind of nightmare, one where you're holding the hand of your best friend. I'm not alone here---praise GOD!!


Thanks so much everyone for the beautiful flowers and prayers. God expresses his love through you!


Special thanks to Kathy and Joel and MaryJane and Zed!


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Oh Sue, thank you so much for posting! It's unspeakably sad that your boy is gone, but I'm really really glad that your marriage is strong now!


With God's help and with both of you helping each other the way we've learned here, you will survive! And even thrive!


I believe that somehow, when God's comfort takes hold in us, our great grief is gone. Hard to fathom.


God bless you both, richly!

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Dear Sue and FD,

I again am so sorry for the loss of your son!  thank you for posting this update.  I am thankful that you two are helping to hold each other up... I wish this had never happened! There really aren't words, are there? My heart goes out to you both...


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Dear Crystal and FD,


I echo the sentiments above.  It was heartbreaking to hear about your son.  I understand how important it is for FD to find that vulnerability + strength = manliness. That was sorely needed in our marriage as well.  I was just listening to a podcast about going through the valleys, they are difficult, but we know that God is with us and that is where we really draw near to him and deepen our faith.  I continue to pray for you and the family.  I am glad you came back and updated the forum.  You both are an important part of the ministry.  

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