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God Save My Marriage

New Here and trying to overcome.

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I'm new here and single. My parents have been to 2 intensives and tell me I really need to get to one. I've been divorced twice and just recently got out of an an abusive long term relationship. What can I say but I'm absolutely miserable. I can honestly say though that I'm not at the lowest point in my life. Have already been there and done that, but I seem to always pick the same men over and over. This never ending cycle just makes my head spin and ends up with me severely hurt, scared, and crying.

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If you make yourself a regular here and read up on others topics and make yourself feel "at home" over time.. then you will begin to learn so much about why you have attracted abusive men. You will also begin to learn how to screen men better.


A first step to screening any man is:


Is he born again and claiming to Love the Lord?

Does his life reflect any fruit of this?

Does he attend a good church?

Is he a tither?

Does he read his Bible.. not for hours a day.. but something? Ten minutes a day? anything?


If he is a "yes" on these.. then have him read our books after you have dated for a month. If he loves the books, then you are getting warm.

If he will get on our group calls and listen, you are getting warmer!

If he will be willing to come to an intensive before getting married... you are getting warmer..


No sex until you are married. One reason that you are attracting abusive men is that you are having sex with them.. go ahead.. yell at me if I am wrong.. but a huge percentage of abusive men will flee immediately if you don't have sex with them. So my educated guess is that you were having premarital sex with your bad boyfriends.


As you are getting serious, you will want to be able to look at his computer history... don't want to marry a porn guy.


BEFORE a guy reads our books... they should be treating you already like a princess. Our book teaches a husband to do what he probably did when he was dating... but we teach them to do it after they are married. You don't want to scare a guy away in the first few weeks though. If he is a "potential quality husband" - then he is going to do the things that we teach naturally in the dating relationship.


Remember that in a dating relationship, the conversations should be free and easy and opinions should be shared freely and easily. You have to decide if this is a guy that you want to hook up with so you need to know what he believes about things... and he has to decide whether you are a young lady that he is willing to lay his life down for.


We are very glad that you are here!


Your life is definitely going to start going UP!

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