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Sales Rep for Cultural Care Au Pair

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This is a very promising sales representative opportunity that you can do from home. I have worked for Cultural Care Au Pair for a year and it's been a great supplement to our income. CCAP facilitates the department of state au pair program. Au pair's are from overseas and come to live with host families and care for their kids for 1-2 years. They have two classifications of contracted representatives, the Local Childcare Coordinator or the Sales Representative. I'm going to post information on both. The LCC is an area representative that holds monthly meetings for the overseas au pairs. You also conduct interviews for new host families who are applying to the program. The most difficult part of this position is that you are the go-between for the host family and the au pair. If there are issues going on then you help to find solutions. The company will fly you to San Franciso for a weekend training. As an LCC you also can advertise (craigslist, message boards, newspapers, community events) for host families to join the program and host an au pair. You get a great sales bonus for any family that takes an au pair. There are also bi-yearly cruises that go to places such as the Bahamas and international trips to Europe (the trips are announced each year...could be south america, etc.) It's not hard to qualify. You also get a minimum paycheck depending on how many families you service. So say you service 10 families, you will get $250 per month. So not a lot but it's meant to pay for your time driving. You also get paid $25 per interview and every year that a host family renews for another year you get $175 or so. Once month I got $2,000 just for that. Now I found that being an LCC took up too much time (about 15-20 hours per week because I was spending a lot of time advertising online). I was given the opportunity to become a sales rep and so all I do is advertise online (craigslist only for me) and then take phone calls and respond to emails. For every family that welcomes an au pair I get $1,000. So This month I get $1,000. Last month I only got $400. Realistically at 10-15 hours per week typing and renewing ads on the internet, you should be able to bring in 1-2 sales. The last week I have been busy homeschooling so I haven't gotten many leads. So here is information about the sales rep position. If you are interested in either position, please let me know and I will enter your name, phone number and I will forward to the hiring department. Yes, I get a nice bonus for referring people for the positions. It really is a great company! And by the way, if you are interested in hosting an au pair yourself, please let me know! : )



Sales representative responsibilities


As a successful Cultural Care sales representative you should feel comfortable using grassroots marketing techniques, social media, and your own personal and professional network to generate brand awareness and interest in Cultural Care’s au pair program. Once you have identified families who are eligible for and interested in hosting an au pair, you will continue to follow-up with these leads until the time they apply.


Core skills and experience necessary for the sales representative role:

  • Experience in sales, telesales, and/or marketing
  • Proven record of success in direct sales, including a demonstrated ability to generate and qualify leads independently
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, online marketing, including social media outreach
  • Salesforce proficiency and experience a plus
  • Be goal-oriented
  • Active community involvement (e.g. parents’ groups, PTA, girl scouts, adoptive parents groups, multiples groups, etc.)
  • Positive attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to generate and qualify leads independently
  • Excellent attention to detail and written and verbal communication skills

Job expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Win new business by generating new leads and business relationships
  • Network and brand program locally and across the country
  • Target marketing, prospecting & proactive inquiry generation
  • Meet and/or exceed individual and team sales targets
  • Evaluate the suitability of potential host families in coordination with government regulations and prepare them for the placement process
  • Provide the highest level of customer service to all families and parties throughout the sales process
  • Participate in potential weekly and/or monthly training opportunities and professional development for field-based representatives
  • Place advertisements, participate in grass roots marketing, develop community networks, utilizing online resources and social media to promote program awareness and develop opportunities
  • Manage day-to-day administrative responsibilities associated with role


By educating new families about our program and working with them until they apply and welcome au pairs, you have the potential to earn great income through marketing bonuses!

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Hi, this is Jenifer, Joel and Kathy's daughter. I'm interested in learning more about this opportunity. Could you send me the details on how the signing up process goes? Does it cost to sign up as a sales rep? Is there a required amount of sales that you have to make every month? My number is 386-334-2198

Thank you

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