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Cleansing Is a LiveLong Process

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It is my sincere that one fact from this outline may help someone. May Engles

1. DETOXING (CLEANSING) is the oldest, most dependable medicine.

A. Described in most ancient scriptures.

B. Hippocrates called it "the best medicine."

C. Today, Andrew Weil M.D. is a strong advocate of detoxing.

D. Elson Haas, M.D. specializes in cleansing diets which he says are the most powerful tool for maintaining health.

II. Why should we cleanse?

A. Body designed to be self-cleaning, self-healing; cleanse periodically or on-going.

B. To rejuvenate (CLEANSE AND REBUILD) the body at the cellular level of accumulated toxins from metabolism, processed foods, the environment, and our emotions/mind. This includes parasites, candida, and fungus.

C. To work from the inside-out, removing EVER-PRESENT bloodstream impurities, through the LIVER, KIDNEYS, COLON, LUNGS, and SKIN.

D. HEALING CRISIS- may feel worse before you feel better ~s toxins are dumped into bloodstream for elimination: headaches, gastric disturbances.

E. Researchers now say that strict liquid fasts may not be beneficial due to nutritional deprivation ... Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. says in THE LIVING BEAUTY DETOX

PROGRAM, " ... the body's built-in detox pathways require heavy nutritional support ... fasting may retard the liver's ability."

III. Cleansing tools:

A. On-going CLEANSING DIET including fresh fruits which CLEANSE, fresh vegetables to REBUILD (organic when possible )'0 grains, some nuts and seeds, small amounts of clean fish (personal choice); both fresh fruit smoothies (TOTAL JUICE) and EXTRACTED JUICE which supply LIVE ENZYMES. Extracted vegetable juices might include carrot, parsley, celery, beet, and kale used on rotation with apple (only fruit which digests with vegetables).

B. EXERCISING- walking which moves the LYMPH (clear fluid which plays a critical immune function role ... carries nutrients TO cells; waste AWAY to LYMPH NODES for filtering) as it is a weight-bearing exercise. Yoga tones body.

C. BODY BRUSHING- beneficial for moving lymph, stimulating aging nerve endings, and exfoliating (cleansing) skin allowing for large amounts of toxins to escape.

D. FOOD COMBINING- helpful to facilitate digestion which helps with on-going cleansing;

prevents toxicity. Digestive aids such as ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS (friendly flora (which support the GI tract) may be helpful for some; CHEW FOOD WELL for better digestion.


E. GREEN SUPERFOODS such as GREENS+ cleanse (green inside means clean inside),

rebuild, and help to balance the ph LEVEL (check with litmus paper) as they are alkaline; leafy greens such as dandelion, kale, broccoli, etc. used daily for cleansing and rejuvenation. Try for 30 grams of FIBER


F. PURE OR DISTILLED WATER- 64 oz. minimum (2 qt. size water bottles-lemon juice


helps) daily ... CLEANSING HERBS such as dandelion root, red clover, green tea, pau d' arco assist greatly ... teas, tinctures, and capsules available. Green tea is a transition beverage for "coffee-quitters,"


G. Both FLAX OIL and FLAX SEED are useful anti-tumor, balancing foods; never heat the oil; seed can be blended into smoothies; or grind and use on salads, cereal, baking.


H. Additional cleansing aids: hydrotherapy (water cure), aromatherapy in a bath or sauna,

pumice (or volcanic rock) for stimulating foot bottoms (reflexology) to assist with corresponding organ cleanse, seaweed, mud, and Epsom salt baths for toxin removal,apple cider vinegar for skin toning, ginger root, aloe Vera juice and gel, magnesium foods, herbal facial steaming, fiber supplements, cranberry juice with green super food, proper deep breathing, massage, and stress reduction.


IV. Closing


A. There's a lot more to learn about cleansing.


B. Do the best we can to cleanse on a daily basis so that toxins will stay within a normal range.


C. A great artist once said that the statue already existed within the marble. We are each a

great sculpture. If we can find ways to manage our toxicity, a lot of our debris will fall away - leaving us in a higher state of wellness.



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