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God Save My Marriage

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Dear Joel and Kathy,

This is an email from your brethren in Vietnam. Let us introduce about ourselve for a while. My name is Hai, and my wife's name is Hana. We are a Christian couple who are doing family ministry in Vietnam now. By searching through google, we know about you and your ministry in there. Floria is also the place where have an office that my wife had taken Creation Therapy Counseling online. After reading about your testimony on your website, it seem we saw ourselve lives in there also.


Thanks God for everything He has done in our lives and through us, He spread His aroma to other couples. He is really faithful there with you and with us here also. Since 2004, We started our full time ministry in here as planting church and pastoring the house churches here. The more we reach to people, the more we see their struggle, problem in family living. We would like to help, but looking back, we also struggle with the things in our lives. We would like to help but we also longed God to help us first. Diffirent personality, diffirent background and other things, lacking God's knowledge that made us met alot of difficulties in our marriage life. We hurted each other, and looking around we also see the people who I was pastoring making hurt each other also. One of our ministry in church is for teenager, when we followed them up, we also recognized their hurt from the way of parenting by their parent. So, since there, we desired to be involved training in this area (family ministry). 2008, God took us to study for family ministry in some course, and we try to read book, to run the training for others. Thanks God, since being learned, we are healed and be happier in our family, and also we try alot to help other people in this area. God's door is opening for us in diffirent churches to run the serminar courses.


And this year, we feel God call us to spread wider our ministry to the unbeliever also. As you heard about Vietnam. It is not easy to share Gospel in public way in here, even in house church is also not easy. But for 10 recently year, the divorce rate in here increasing very fast, so when we try to run the family serminar in church and welcome my friends who still unbeliever to join, and step by step they want to know God more as they see the result in their marriage after taking course. We are so happy to be a part of God's doing in our country, happy to see how is changing in some pastor's families so that they can also help others members in their church. We have runing the courses like Family Impact month, Love feast week, Marriage course in seven Saturdays.


We are also praying God to be able knowing someone who are doing same vision like us so we can learn from each others. When searching about you, we are so thankful God to see how is God doing through your ministry, and we would like to learn from you also, specially in weeken marriage intensive seminar as we would like to learn how to coordinate the intensive course effective in only the weeken that is suitable for the people who is working and just be able join in weeken. So we would like to ask you to join your Five Day Weeken Marriage Intensives on April 24th to 28th, 2013, and also pls give us some advise, chances to learn from your ministries.

We would love to attach here some picture from our ministry so you can get small knowing about us.

Thank you so much for your help.

In His love,




Hai & Hana

We will say of the Lord "He is our refuge and our fortress, our God, in Whom we trust"

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