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God Save My Marriage

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[color=blue]~This is for couples who wish to go further and learn about the temperaments~ [/color]

RMCM Ministries
" Excellence In Christian Counseling Distance Education "

Dr. Bob Mangus - CPsyD, LCPC
NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
Founder/Director/Supervisor & Senior Minister

Inquire By Phone Anytime: 1-877-885-2735 (Toll-Free)


[color=red]Tell them J&K Sent You!!!!!![/color]

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I just called "Dr. Bob" and ordered our Temperament Analysis.

The cost is $50.00 per test OR $100.00 per couple. I simply called and just like J&K, he answered the telephone. He is going to e-mail me the test and gave very detailed instructions on how to take it. I can either fax or mail back the test and the results will be sent via e-mail as an attached file.

The test involved three different areas:
1. Inclusion-Measures social and intellectual
2. Control Area-Includes things as home, job, etc.
3. Affection-How we express and respond to deep relationships...meaning not just our spouses, but children, parents, close friends, etc.

Dr. Bob said this greatly helps uncover ares of hidden "unmet needs."

I will post on my thread once we take the test and get our results back. I will also share how we have found this information useful in our relationship as time marches on.

Dr. Bob said to take no longer than 8 to 10 minutes and go with my first instinct. To resist the temptation of going back and changing answers. (He doesn't know what he's asking of me here.:shock: LOL!!)


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I came across this post today and unfortunately it should be unpinned.  See news story below...




 According to police, the director of an online counseling ministry killed himself Monday rather than face a charge of child molestation.

According to a probable cause affidavit, 59-year-old Robert A. Mangus, of Odon, was facing charged of molesting a boy and taking and possessing child pornography.

According to Deputy Prosecutor Donita Farr, Mangus was scheduled to turn himself into the sheriff's office at 5:15 p.m., Monday, per an agreement between the prosecutor's office and his attorney. However Mangus committed suicide at his home Monday afternoon according to Daviess County police.

An investigation into the allegations of Mangus molesting a 14-year-old boy began in October when the teen told police that Mangus made him perform sex acts over the course of several year. The boy told officers that Mangus had also taken inappropriate photos of himself and a girl.

Daviess County Sheriff's detectives executed a search warrant at Mangus' home at 207 N. Spring St., as well as a storage building he rents on County Road 900 East. According to court records, police confiscated cameras, computers and computer memory cards.

A forensic computer specialist was able to 21 photos that had been deleted from a computer memory card. The images showed sex acts between Mangus and the boy.

During a police interview Mangus denied the accusations and agreed to take a polygraph. But later he denied to take the test.

Mangus, a veteran and retiree from the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Crane Division, started a career in 2000 as a full-time counselor and teacher through his online ministry, RMCM Ministries. According to the RMCM website, he's taught more than 650 students working toward degrees in Christian counseling.

The website says Mangus had a doctorate degree in counseling, was an adjunct professor for the Colorado Theological Seminary, and was a member of the National Christian Counselors Association.

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Thank you David,  I did know about Bob killing himself and knew there were accusations. How sad to hear that the accusations were true. I guess that I could have found this article with a google search.. but never even thought to do so. I was so shocked when he killed himself.  Short term trauma, that is for sure. I spoke with his wife shortly after he killed himself and she was pulling things together. He had not done basic things like having a will in place, had not gotten his affairs in order, had not brought her up to date on anything. He was the one who had paid bills and dealt with all of the details of life like that. She did not know where anything was or what to do.. but she pieced things together.  When people express doubt about us selling LegalShield, we have stories like this in the back of our mind. Bob "didn't need" LegalShield... and then  he kills himself without a will and leaves his wife without any guidance or help.   Interestingly enough, at least two years before he killed himself, he passed us off, over to Dr. Henry Mohn, in Wisconsin, for help with the APS results from the intensives. I wondered "why" he had done that..  and then this.  Dr. Mohn is amazing though. Incredible character and integrity. Has a slew of children too.. a bunch of adopted ones.. 

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Thanks for the update Joel.  I was able to quickly look up Dr. Henry Mohn and he does have good credentials.  I pasted a few links I found below.  I am glad you have connected with him.  







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