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God Save My Marriage

Remembering Shekinah Glory Davisson.

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So today marks the 6th year our daughter, Shekinah Glory Davisson, went to be with Jesus.

That day, that moment in time, changed our life, forever. Your life is never the same when you lose somone you love, whether that be a child, a relative, friend, etc.

We still live in the same home where she lived. Everyday, we realize our lives have been changed. We have 3 adult children that live with us now, not 4. She would be turning 20 on Oct. 8th.
To us, Shekinah is on a long journey and we will see her, when Jesus returns.

We are so grateful for the friends who were with us in our darkest hours. We are thankful for the Ministry and the love an support that people gave us, when we needed them the most. God has been good. I am so grateful to my husband for not allowing this to take us down but allowing it to make us stronger. He continued to love me like Christ loves his church in the midst of his own pain. We allowed this to draw us closer and not apart.

I remember there were many times, where I just couldn't breathe and I just wanted to lay down and not get back up, but then someone would call and ask for help. They would say "Joel and Kathy, we know you are mourning the loss of your daughter and we are sorry to bother you, but we really need your help."

I was always grateful that they called, because THIS time, might have been the time I layed down and chose not to get back up.

Three days before she passed, she wrote on her "myspace," I'm a christian girrl, and I'm saving myself for marriage." Wow! How cool is that.
We layed her body to rest on Sept. 22,2008. On the 23rd, The Lord gave me a vision of her in Heaven, laughing and enjoying her new friends and her new life in Heaven. Wow! What a great memory. The Lord was and has been good to us. It is true: He carries you! When you can't walk, when you can't breathe, when you can't quit crying, he is there in the midst.

If you were to go to her Shekinah's plot, you won't find her there, but you will see a beautiful Stone with her pic and name and two fingers pointed towards each other, waving to each other.

Before Shekinah would go into surgery, I would take my pointing finger on my right hand and wave it towards her and she would do the same towards me as she was being wheeled into surgery. That was our "see ya later" wave. Because we always knew that this was only "see ya later." And it was, till a mistake happened and to Heaven she went.

So as it was then, so it is now, I wave my finger towards Heaven saying, "see ya later Baby Girrl, when Jesus comes to get us.

Memories everywhere, but knowing she is safely in his care. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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God bless you Davisson Family.  I prayed for you today. It is amazing to see how God continues to work through your lives.  Peace be with you.

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