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God Save My Marriage

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"I want to give you and appointment to replace the dis-appointments you have had in your life and change your circumstances".

That is what God told me (Kathy) when I found myself very discouraged over some events and situations that were out of my control. You know, "Life Happens" to us all. The Word of God says that it rains on the just and the unjust. So, here we are, it was raining, but not a good rain. Although, as Kathy's Mother inlaw (as we affectionately call her), likes to say "Life doesn't happen "to" you, it happens 'for" you. For me? Ok, moments of growth. Me can do. :)


The word Disappointment means:


1. Disappointment : a feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of ones hopes or expectations.

2. A person, event or thing that causes disappointment.


Appointment means:

1. An agreement to meet with someone at a particular time;

2. The act of giving a particular job or position to someone;

3. The act of appointing someone;

4. A job or duty that is given to a person:

5. Position to which a person is appointed.


At one point, I was telling The Lord about these dis-appointments, as if he didn't already know :), and this is what I saw.


I saw the word, "dis-appointment, " with a line through the word "dis," and The Lord said, "I'm going to give you appointments to erase (or replace) your dis-appointments and change your circumstances."


Even with that tho, it still took me about 3 days to really wrap my mind around what he just told me, because the "rain" looked really negative. And God knew that. It's not like he just woke up that morning, called a meeting with his "angels" and said "Angels, I'm really upset right now. I didn't get a phone call, an email or text letting me know Kathy is really disappointed about a few things and that really bothers me. I need my daily texts and emails when there are issues. Either step it up, or ship out." lol


NO, no! That didn't happen. He already knew what I was going through AND he had my answers.


Thats what God does. He makes things new and fixes things.


Isaiah 43:19 says, "Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (Amp)



I began to say, everyday, throughout the day, "Father, I thank you for appointments to erase/replace my/ our dis-appointments. I even began to speak that over our children. God is giving Josiah, Chris and Jen, appointments to erase their dis-appointments and change their circumstances. And do you know, things started to turnaround. Not all of it yet, but it has started.


One situation, immediately after I began praying that, turned around within a week. I was really quite surprised how quickly that situation came to an end. Bam! The circumstance was gone.


God wants to give "YOU" appointments to erase/replace your dis-appointments and change your circumstances. God loves you. He thinks you are amazing and over the top fabulous. He has plans for you. Awesome plans. (Jer. 29:11)


Kathy, what if the "dis-appointments are because of my mistakes, my wrong thinking or my wrong attitude? He is the master at fixing our messes. Either the wrongs we have done or others have done to us. If it's due to wrong thinking or wrong attitudes, then lets commit to changing them. While you are working on changing the wrong thinking and attitudes, he will work on fixing the mess.


So Kathy, where do we see this "erasing/replacing" dis-appointments in the Bible?


We see in John 18:15-27 where Peter (yes Peter. Are you surprised? lol ) here is Peter, standing by the fire and had the opportunity to acknowledge Christ or Deny being with Christ. Yes, he denied being a disciple of Christ. I am quite sure Peter was very disappointed in himself. Here was a moment for him to take a stand and do the right thing, and yet in the moment, blew it. That has certainly happened to all of us. An opportunity missed.


Fast forward to John 21

Peter and some of the other disciples were out fishing. After a long night of NOT catching any fish, until Jesus being on the shore told them where to throw their net, and they caught so much fish, they couldn't even get the net in the boat. . When they got to the shore, standing by another fire, Jesus asked Peter, three times "do you love me?" And three times, Peter replied with " yes Lord, you know I love you." And each time, Jesus came back with "feed my sheep."

What was happening? A restoration; a replacing and erasing of the past to push Peter to his future.


Jesus cared so much about Peter, that not only did he show himself to the disciples three times but took the time to restore Peter. It was after that, that he used Peter greatly.

Jesus had faith in Peter and he has faith in you and I.


We also see this in Joel 2:25-32, (amplified bible) concentrating on verse 25 right now.

"And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten......


Just like with Peter in his life, he wants to "restore and replace" the disappointments and the years the Locusts have eaten in our lives and use us greatly. He wants to make our latter years greater than our former years. In every area of our lives.


Whether it be in marriage or just life in general, God is the master of restoration, thus sending his son Jesus to the cross for you and I. To restore us to the father. To restore our lives. To give us an abundant life here in this life and the life to come. John 10:10).


Psalms 23:1- The Lord is my shepherd ;I shall not want ( lack or be without.) ; he makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me besides still waters; He RESTORES ( restore, refresh, repair) my soul; he leads me in the path of Righteousness for His names sake.

He led Peter back, he wants to lead us back. He wants to restore our life back before the breach occurred in garden.


Are you expecting God to move on your behalf and restore some things in your life? Whether it be your Marriage, your job, your children, your friendships, any area in your life.


Happy 2015 and all the blessings The Lord has for each and everyone of us.








Joel and Kathy

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Switching Gears:


In life and marriage we all have to learn how to "switch gears."


Recently, Joel and I were in Paris when the war broke out. We actually arrived the day of the attacks.

The day before, we realized that our passports had expired. We were really bummed at the thought of possibly not being able to go. No had always wanted to go to Paris and we may not get to go. But, ok. I had "switched gears" in my thinking to accommodate life.

Well, as it turned out, while I was running my women's call and teaching on "switching Gears" Joel says to me "Kathy, do you think we could be ready to go in one hour? What? Yes, if we get to Jacksonville, catch a Southwest Flight to Boston where we were suppose to fly out of anyways to Paris. Arrive at the Passport building early in the morning and pray we have favor to get our Passports. I said to the ladies on my call, "Ladies, it's time for me to "switch gears. And In one hour, we were out the door.

The more efficient we are at "switching gears" in life the smoother life will be.

Recently, I was driving out stick shift car and was struggling with getting it to run smoothly. Then one day I was wearing a pair of platform shoes and realized I was able to push the clutch all the way to the floor and switching gears was easier and the car ran smoother. It began to dawn on me, that the more efficient i learned to switch gears , the easier the car would run.

The same with Life.

Our Passports were expired, needed to switch nears in our thinking. Then had to switch gears again that there was a possibility we would not be going to Paris. Then switch gears again that we were going and Bam, the attacks happened. Switched gears again. How were we going to handle the days to come? Were we going to try to leave or stay? Could we even leave? The Boarders were closed.

When we lost our Shekinah 7 years ago. We had to Switched gears. Our little girl was here and now she's not at least in person.

Life is going to happen and we need to become proficient in switching gears mentally, emotionally and physically if need be. Easy? Not always, but necessary. Necessary to live life and be all that God has for us to become.

Recently, friends of ours Sue and Eric lost their son. They have to learn to switch gears. Ok, this is how life was going to be and now, this is how life is. They have no choice but to switch gears in the thinking, hearts and life.

The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust. Successful people learn to adjust or switch gears when it rains.

You, like me, want to be a person that handles life on a day to day basis. Depending on our father to walk us through this journey, called life.

We all can do it. Not one of us are incapable. We are all more than capable.

The bible says "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us."

Like right now,

I need to stop typing and finish my house for Christmas. I can accomplish it.

Blessing to all of you this Christmas.

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Thanks for sharing Kathy.  I appreciate the analogy of switching gears and agree the sooner we can do that the better.  It is awesome to know that we have a God who equips us with all we need to switch gears.  I trust in His provisions for my life.  May the joy of the Lord be with you!

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We have an emergency counseling/mentoring private session today. They are coming from several hours,away.

God is good.

Couples reaching out for help and not just letting "whatever happens, happens."

Grabbing the "remote of life and changing the channel.


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Praise the Lord.  Prayed for you an the counseling appointment today.  

We have an emergency counseling/mentoring private session today. They are coming from several hours,away.
God is good.
Couples reaching out for help and not just letting "whatever happens, happens."
Grabbing the "remote of life and changing the channel.

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