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God Save My Marriage

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Hey guess what, there are only 10 more days left until it is our 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Let the count down begin. That's right on August 31 Aslan's Child (Susan) and I, LargeOne50 (John) will be celebrating our 11th year as husband and wife. A couple of months ago we both thought that we might not make it this far. However, with the grace of God, Joel & Kathy, and countless hours on the weekly phone calls with everyone teaching/threatening me at times we have turned our marriage around. I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered support, encouragement, advice, and help. We couldn't have done it without you. ::clap ::clap ::clap

As for my beautiful wife, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, I definitely could not be in this position I am now without you opening your heart back up to me. I am so greatful that you are allowing me a chance to win your heart back. :D When you told me a few months ago that you were not in love with me anymore, that was the most hurtful thing anyone could have ever said to me. :( However, we reap what we sow. So I guess it is my own fault for not taking better care of my crops. I look forward to the day when I can harvest my new crop grown with love, kindness, understanding, patience, acceptance, and validation, yes there is definitely lots of validation growing in our fields of love. The best present you can ever give to me is telling me that you fell head over heels in love with me again. I can't wait to hear those wonderful words spoken from your soft lips.


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve,eve, eve.


Anyway this countdown will continue for the next 10 days. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to be sure to check back to see what new thoughts I will have each day. This post will self destruct after you have read it (Mission Impossible reference in case you didn't get the joke) although I guess we can have a new maradigm "Marriage Possible" when you listen to your wife's heart.


Love is... shoveling your Moms driveway that first night we met in the ice storm just so I could spend more time getting to know you. ::love


Love is... you leaving me a note on a napkin about a month latter saying "I love you very much, and I look forward to a wonderful life together". I'm looking at that very napkin right now, yep I kept it all these years!!! ::love


Love is... keeping a napkin with a love note on it for over 14 years!!! ::love


Love is... keeping the first roses I ever sent you in a shadow box on our wall for 14 years because your Grandparents told you that if you keep the first roses, your love for each other will last as long as you have the roses. (I hope I got that right) ::love


I love you my Sunshine,




Your Angel

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Hi there once again. Hey guess what, only 9 more days until our 11th anniversary. Yesterday I got to watch Susan's reaction to what I posted the day before. She just loved it. So here are some more thoughts on love. On our bithdays we try to show each other that they are the most special, most cherished, most loved, most important person in the whole wide world.

Here are many examples of how Susan and I show love for each other on our birthdays through the years.


Love is...going out for dinner and having a view of the Chicago skyline at night 70 floors up and when dessert is served the plate reads "Happy Birthday Susan" in chocolate with a candle lit on the cake and the band playing Happy Birtday in the background. Say it with me everyone...awe!


Love is... having someone deliver a dozen roses and balloons to you in the middle of your class.


Love is...our bedroom floor and bed coverd in balloons with little presents holding down the ones floating in the air.


Love is... a hot air ballon ride at sunset.


Love is... sending an angel with wings and a halo to your work playing the harp and singing "Angel Eyes" by Jeff Healy in front of all your co-workers in the meeting room. From then on I new I had to marry Susan if I was going to do all that for her. ::love ::love ::love


Love is...a front yard full of giant hearts and smiley faces. :D :D :D


Love is... your work place lawn cover in giant swans and hearts.


Love is... your front yard full of giant golf balls and angels because one you play and one you are. ::love


Love is... your front yard full of giant multi colored flamingos...from your cat.


Love is... getting your own chalet for the night and having her wedding drees waiting there for you so you can go out to dinner dressed up as the bride and groom. Then have your own private intimate room at the resturant for a great fondue dinner.


Love is...picking your wonderful wife up for dinner in a limo and starring at her because she looks so incredibly beautiful dressed in her gown.


Love is... a quite romantic candle lit dinner for 2 at home.


Love is...getting a dozen multi colored roses because those are her favorite.


Love is...going power para-gliding at sunset.


Love is... chocolate chip pancakes in bed.


Love is...decorating the house the night before so when you wake up, the house is filled with banners and streamers and balloons.


Love is... pulling off a huge surprise party (basically a mini wedding reception) for your husband with over 100 of his friends and family members for his 40th. Plus, to make sure he wasn't on to the surprise you did it in September even though his birthday is in April. Now that is what LOVE IS.


Yes these are just a few of the ways Susan and I show how much we love each other.


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve. ::love


I love you,


Your Angel

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AW!!!! :oops: :lol: :rotfl:


What else can I say? Your posts are beautiful! I am looking forward to our OHM, too!!!


I don't have as many "Love is" to add, but here's some from me:


Love is . . . letting your wife go to bed early because she is exhausted, even though you would rather spend all evening with her.


Love is . . . thanking your wife's counselor for taking of her through our trials (I couldn't pay, but my counselor continued to see me, anyway).


Love is . . . brushing your cat because she won't let your wife do it.


Love is . . . throwing paper balls for your cat to chase, then picking them all up later without ever once complaining.


Happy anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve right back at you! ::love

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Hey this might not be the time to bring it up, but I do recall that Jeff made the plans for their anniversary not too long ago and both had a great time. I got your back Jeff. But anyway, you can still turn it up a notch, you have some catching up and making up to do. Call me if you want some ideas. :rotfl:


Large One

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Hi there. The count down countinues once again. Just 8 more days until our 11th anniversary. ::clap Here are some more things that have helped us get this far.


Love is...the little things.


Love is...writing I love you on the shower mirror so when the other gets out they see the message in the steam.


Love is...little heart shape notes posted around the house. :eyes:


Love is...leaving a note on her pillow when you go out of town.


Love is...sending her flowers just because I love you, for no special occassion.


Love is...being the only ones in an entire auditorium slow dancing to Kenny Rogers singing "Through the years" ::love


Love is...singing her the words to the slow songs.


Love is...seeing the love in her eyes when you do.


Love is...letting her hold the remote contol. Talk about dying to self. Ouch that one really hurt. :lol:


Love is...getting up first to put her dinner plate in the sink.


Love is...having a conversation by squeezing each others hands and knowing what the other person is saying without ever saying a word.


Love is...massaging a sore knee without being asked to do it.


Love is...vaccuming out your wifes car without being asked.


Love is...leaving the toilet seat down... don't know why that is love, but I'm told it is. :rotfl:


Love is...stopping by work just to bring by a snack or treat.


Love is...making sure she gets to ride in the front seat in a helicopter ride in Hawaii.


Love is...getting her a lei in Hawaii because she didn't get one when she got off the plane. ::love


Love is...letting her have the window seat in an airplane.


Love is...opening a car door for her.


Love is...showing your husband where Culvers is for the first time. (That one is just for us)


Love is...sharring one dessert with two spoons. ::love


Love is...letting her eat the cherry off the sundae.


Love is...letting the other one have the last spoonful.


Love is...going to get the car in the parking lot when it is cold or raining out so she doesn't have to get cold or wet. ::love


Love is...tapping on the wall in code in one room and tapping back the right answer from the other room.


Love is...thinking about more love is sayings just to make her smile and feel good. :eyes:


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve.


I love you My Love





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Okay, I'm starting to think that LO may be ready to meet my shark of a fish, Bruce ???


My birthday is 5 months away, and with the way he procrastinates, it would probably take him that long to come up with a Love is..... or two ? okay, let's get real here...... one...... (if that)


Happy Anniversary EVE eve eve.....................


So happy for you, both.........Can I put my bb. bats away now ?? Season is over.... ( or, perhaps, I need to keep one out for Bruce ? )


Actually, he's doing very good, thank you...........would seriously love to get together with you one of these days!

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Only 7 more days! Beat ya, today, Hon! :lol:


Love is . . . jumping out of the hot tub to rush to your wife's side when she tells you she needs your help because she fell. (In the past, he just commented "from the sidelines" what I should do when I was hurt.)


Love is . . . GENTLY applying ice packs and helping your wife get comfortable in spite of her injuries.


When you jumped out of the hot tub last, and rushed to my side, I felt like the most cherished wife on the planet. Thank you, my Hero!!! :eyes:


Love . . . reassuring your wife that you will get her whatever she needs so she can let her sprained ankle heal. (Which is probably the only reason I beat him to our Anniversary String today.) :wink:


Love is . . . believing the best in your husband, even though his actions tell you something different.


Love is . . . God rewarding you for your faithfulness as your husband works hard to become the man of your dreams.


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve. :eyes:

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Happy Sunday everyone. Yep, just one week left until we celebreate our 11th Anniversary. ::clap

Every couple needs love to make their marriage stronger everyday, after all, if you go 7 days without love, that makes one weak. :rotfl:


Here are some examples of how we share our love together on vacations.


Love is...going camping deep into the wilderness for a week, and really ruffin' it. No out house, no runnung water, no TV, canoeing over 50 miles and sleeping on the ground.


Love is...wanting to go back and do it all over again.


Love is...burning "Mrs. Wilderness" with a magnifying glass on the handle of your wife's canoe paddle.


Love is...using that same paddle with the words "Mrs. Wild" on it because the clouds came and blocked the sun so I couldn't finish it.


Love is...carring a heavy pack for over a mile from lake to lake and then comming back to ask your husband what else you can carry. :eyes:


Love is...telling your wife her job is to sit in the front of the canoe and just look pretty when she is too tired to paddle. ::love


Love is...being on a cliff in the woods on your anniversay and surprising your wife with a candle light dinner with flowers and gifts.


Love is...laying on the ground wrapped up in each others arms watching the Northern Lights.


Love is...hiking hand in hand over 3 miles up hill to go see Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah.


Love is...getting up first and making your wife hot chocolate in the morning because there is frost outside your tent in Yellowstone.


Love is...sitting in the car reading a book all day so your husband can enjoy walking around the footaball and basketball Hall Of Fame.


Love is...posing for your husband with a smile on your face while he takes your picture for the 300th time that day in Yosemite. :eyes: :)


Love is...buying a stuffed moose holding a card and having it waiting for you husband on a pillow in a tent on your anniversary in Maine.


Love is...always trying to out surprise the other. :wink:


Love is...taking an anniversary cruise up to Alaska and having your room decorated in streamers and balloons. ::love


Love is...watching the sunrise over the rim of the Grand Canyon wrapped up in a sleeping bag together.


Love is...framing a picture of a drawing your wife made of Glacier National Park.


Love is...going to a church with a view of the Grand Tetons at the altar.


Love is...camping in a tent in your backyard.


Love is...a 2 week vacation in Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary :D


Love is...where ever you are, you can have a great time, because it doesn't really matter where you are, but rather that you are together with the one you love being with the most.


Happy Anniversarry eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve. :P


I love you Beautiful,




Your Angel

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Good morning everybody. It' getting closer, 6 short days left until our 11th Anniversary! ::clap


If you have been reading this string you have seen many different ways Susan and I show our love for each other. We also encourage you to add to our string ways in which love is a part of your life.


Now back to our story.


Love is...trying to out-do each other to see who can quote more lines while watching the show Friends. :rotfl:


Love is...putting lotion on your husbands back.


Love is...appreciating all the little thing you do for each and saying thanks.


Love is...snuggling on the couch watching TV.


Love is...spending hours making a gift for your husband because it means much more then just buying something. That way you can pour your love into what you are making. ::love


Love is...decorating the outside of birthday cards.


Love is...spending hours thinking about more love is sayings to show your love :D


Love is...20 kisses in 10 seconds or less (go ahead try it, I dare you). :D


Love is...waving good-bye and blowing kisses every time you leave the house. ::love


Love is...going to dozens of stores just to find the PERFECT heart shaped diamond engagement ring. :eyes:


Love is...giving your wife a gold heart shaped pillow and telling her you got this for her because you think she has a heart made of gold.


Love is...sneaking back into a store to buy your wife a ring she fell in love with for your anniversary.


Love is...watching a sunset together.


Love is...getting a cat even if you hate cats because you know it will make your wife so happy. :P


Love is...saying "I love you" every time you leave or hang-up the phone because if you die you want those to be your lasts words ever spoken to each other. ::love :eyes: ::love


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, eve.


Have a great week my love,


I love you,





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We also encourage you to add to our string ways in which love is a part of your life.


Love is......only found in three words. "I Need You"


Love is.......the little perfect space between your husbands arm and chest, where it's safe to tuck your face in and make the world go away.


Love is laughing together til your sides hurt.... and when you look at one another you start it all over again!!!


Love is........not reading directions for anything, and your husband doesn't bust your chops about it......even if the house is all smoked up, (cough, cough), and stuff is oozing out of the sides of the waffle-maker.:roll:


Love is.......when you both kiss and you don't care who's looking.:mrgreen:



Happy Upcoming Anniversary!


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So we meet again. Hey just 5 more days until our 11th Anniversary! ::clap If it was Christmas I would be singing 5 golden rings. Good thing it's not that time of the year. But it's still time to get excited. So lets get on with the ball game.


Love is...letting your wife paint your bedroom any color she wants, :cry: , even if you don't like it :?


Love is...painting the house so your wife feels much better about moving back home.


Love is...listening to your wife's heart so she can feel safe enough to move back home. :eyes:


Love is...continuing to make her feel safe long after she moves back home. ::love


Love is...gladly helping her move all her stuff back into the house.


Love is...being patient enough to wait until she is ready to move back in.


Love is...making her feel so loved and special and cherished by doing all the above. ::love


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve, eve.


I love you very very much much. :eyes:




Your Angel

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We love this forum! What a great string - er topic.


John, if you are not safe after she moves back home, you will probably have fifty people show up to gladly help you move out! I am picking on you - tongue in cheek.


Truthfully, we are very, very proud of both of you. We believe in you.


Happy Anniversary!

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Good morning everyone. The day is almost upon us. Just 4 more days until our 11th Anniversary! ::clap

I'm getting excited, are you? You will have to stay tuned to find out what we have planned for this exciting weekend of fun and romance.

What shall I write about today???

How about some love.


Love is...making dinner for your wife when she isn't feeling too good.


Love is...doing it with a smile on your face.


Love is...brushing her hair.


Love is...a great big hug and a kiss when you come home.


Love is...saying I love you over and over all day long. :eyes:


Love is...putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. At least from now on.


Love is...cleaning out the litter box. :wink:


Love is...giving your wife the small hard crunchy fries because she loves them. :lol:


Love is...going to an intensive because you want to learn how to become a better spouse.


Love is...applying what you learn at the intensive everyday for the rest of your life. ::love


Love is...seeing that glow in your wife's eyes. :eyes:


Love is...being a great help meet.


Love is...saving all the cards and flowers and notes and balloons you ever got from your spouse.


Love is...looking at yourself and figuring what you need to fix.


Love is...not blaming your wife for your marriage problems. At least not any more. ::clap


Love is...being a great example of the source of life.


Love is...responding back after the husband goes first.


Love is...opening your heart to the man who broke it. :eyes: ::love


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve.


I love you sooooooooooo much.




Your Angel

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Good morning, my hero!!


"Love is . . . cleaning out the litter box." Um, would you care to elaborate on that? ;)


"Love is . . . putting your clothes in the laundry hamper, at least from now on.


Love is . . . looking at yourself to see what needs fixing.


Love is . . . not blaming your wife anymore."


Too bad my emoticons don't work when I post through WebTV. There would be happy tears and cheering. Hon, you will never know how wonderful those words are to me.


Love is . . . knowing how to say words like "Please", "Thank you", "You're welcome", "I'm sorry", "What can I do to help you?", "What do you need from me?", "Don't get up. What do you need? I'll get it for you."


Love is . . . putting all your photos into an album because it's important to your girlfriend, and including a beautiful love letter at the end. (And then proposing!! :D)


Love is . . . offering to take your wife to her Bible class and push her in a wheelchair because she sprained her ankle, and she can't use crutches because she sprained her wrist as well.


Love is . . . pushing your wife around in a wheelchair at Walt Disney World because of a knee injury, and you don't want her to miss her chance to see Walt Disney World because it's one of her dreams.


Love is . . . escorting your wife to the "out" because she's afraid of wild animals while camping in The Boundary Waters.


Love is . . . feeling love blossoming again because your husband has chosen to let Jesus rule his heart.


I love you. I'm still scared that the old ways may try to come back, but I'm trusting you more and more each day.


Happy Anniversary eve, eve, eve, eve.

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Wow. You guys are wonderful. I am impressed, in a good way! I know, Largeone is simply proving that he is going to be the fastest learner in history. Great goal! Great post, Aslan's child. Great, great post.

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