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God Save My Marriage

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Dearest Susan,


I am so sorry I did not get here yesterday. I was a long and extremely emotional day around here. On Wednesday we came home with 2 new little girls on an emergency placement. As you can imagine my KIT was in heaven. They left us yesterday afternoon, having only been with us for 24 hours.


My KIT was devestated and I spent the day sorting things out and loving on her. This is one of the draw backs of foster care, but this was a good ending, the girls got to go home to their Mom- who was not the one hurting them. Anyway, KIT and I took a nap together all afternoon, I got to hold her while she cried her tears all out.


I got up in time to get on the call but not on the forum. SORRY!! I heard it was your birthday on the call. So, having said all that, I want to say a Happy late Birthday!!





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Wow, I knew John would do wonderful things.. I am so impressed!!!! He needs to give other husbands classes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our anniversary is coming the 30th,,,,, Think I'll send Don to John for "IDEAS" ...


Romance is one thing I longgggggg for......

I am so glad your birthday was HAPPY> Sorry I didn't get to this thread that day!!!!!!!!!


You are such a blessing to this ministry!!!! AND to all of us indiviually!!!



We love you!!!! YEA for Susan!!! giving her a standing ovation!!!

::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap ::clap


Love n HUGS



Don, Joyce and kitties!!! ::love

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife Susan!!! May God look down upon you and bless you with all that your heart desires. You are a wonderful gift from God no only to me but to so many other people that you help in life. You are the sweetheart of the century without a doubt. Thanks for teaching me how become the man God made me to be and the husband that you deserve to have. I am so glad to be your husband. I love you with all my heart.




Your Hero

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Happy Birthday, Susan!


God bless you today with His blessings of strength, joy, peace; and many moments of happiness with your husband;

as you celebrate another year of serving God; ministering to others; and blessing so many people by the awesome

way you reach out and show others the love of Jesus shining through you!


Have a great weekend!

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