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God Save My Marriage

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The Purpose:

Is to get the husband's to "Focus Out" and be proactive. It's called "intentional living." Jesus, when he went to the cross was "intentional" in his living and in his laying down his life for his Bride.
Husbands, you are to love your Bride, by laying down your life for her as Christ did for us, the church. Hebrews :25_27

1.HSKC's: Aiming for 20 Hugs, Smiles, Kisses and Compliments a day. If a husband works full time then a wide needs be happy with 8-10      on any given workday. The days he does not work,he needs to intentionally strive for the Gold of 20 hugs, smiles, kisses and                        compliments.

2.Have your date night set and planned by Wednesday of each week. Including the babysitter. Now, a wife may need to help set up the          babysitter, but she needs to know the date and time to schedule the babysitter.

3.Set up a "special date" two months in advance and let your wife know about it so she has something to look forward to. That raises her        Oxytocin by her having something nice to look forward to in the future.

4.Track your progress on this string for us to see and encourage and watch the results.


5.LADIES, you too have a part to play:  PROACTIVELY RESPONDING TO AGAPE LOVE:  meaning his Words and Actions of LOVE.


   Also, you ladies may need to help with posing the progress. If the husbands are working full time, helping out at home and with the kids,      hopefully you will be able to check out the contest together but if not,ladies be willing to post the progress.  


6.This will be a 3 month contest.

   PRIZE: A "Happy wife," a $50 gift certificate to treat your Bride out to dinner AND a copy of Forrest Gumps book called


                                                    " 21 DAYS TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE".  ( Erik Matlock )

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At this point, I wouldn't even have an excuse if this wasn't a regular routine now. I don't need that prize, already got mine.

For the guys who have not started to plan and schedule regular dates, you are missing out. Get in on this.


I will up the ante. Everyone who commits to this gets a free PDF copy of the "21 Days To Save My Family" book.


Nothing to lose here guys. Even if she isn't up for dates, you can still do things FOR her. No excuses. Gifts, cards, maybe even make a list of things you have promised her over the years and see if you can make some things right. Make an effort, get in the game.

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Hi there  everyone,  thank you for joining.


The Contest  is meant to be FUN.  I talk alot about adding FUN to the journey, which makes the journey easier.  This is one way to accomplish that.  


Because I didn't get the start up date of the Contest into the post, we will make the Official date 


                                                                       FEB 6TH, 2016.


So, lets start to tell others and lets see how many we can get involved.  


Forrest Gump, thank you so much for uping the ante' by offering your book as one of the prizes.  "21 DAYS TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE" is an awesome book and a must read.  Also, if you don't already follow "ERIK MATLOCK"S posts, please do.  They are straight forward.  He gives it to you like it is, full of truth and he is funny.  You'll love following his posts.  

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 Mr. passion4one


What is this "Ok I am in , I will see how far I can take this." :?:  :?:  :?: 


   YOUR taking this "ALL THE WAY" my friend.  Your not in this to "TRY" and see how well you do.  Your in this to Win it.  


Now, lets get geared up to WIN THIS :!:  :!:  :!: 


and that goes for ALL of you :!:  :!:  :!:  Set your mind to WIN, not just barely get by.  


CALLING ALL HUSBANDS:  Initiate positive WORDS and  ACTIONS of LOVE and let the CONTEST BEGIN.....well, FEB 6th  :!:  :!:  :!: 


Ladies, don't forget, you DO have a part to play.  

"PROACTIVELY RESPONDING TO AGAPE LOVE....meaning his Words and actions of LOVE 

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As you wish,


Wow!  Very Nice!


On your journey towards and Outrageously Happy Marriage.  Both will be Happy....VERY Happy!!!


So  Lets "get'er done"  :) 


When a wife has something ( good and positive) to look forward, it raises her Oxytocin.  God is so good.  


I wish we all had known about this Oxytocin thing YEARS ago.  Knowledge is ;power and Oxytocin is a game changer for the good.  

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Choose Love, that is awesome!!


Getting stronger all the time. 


Ya know, we could eventually have "oxytocin" in a bottle, but, ya know, that would not be as much fun as getting those HSKC's from our husbands and for the husbands too.  It makes a wife want to .....well, ya know....lol  .  God knew what he was doing when he said "Husbands love your wife (Bride) like he loves his Bride.  

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Day 1, Saturday: It started way too early with a text from one son saying that he wasn't going to be able to go to a meeting that he and another son were going to. Therefore, I needed to get the other son to the designated meeting place by 6:30am. In the past, passion4one would have declined making this 45 minute one-way trip with me and just slept in. Not this day! Not only did he get up and go with me, he drove, and since we were out at breakfast time, he took me out to a new to us restaurant for breakfast! We also had lots of talk time.


When it came time to go pick our son up, passion4one was, of course, going and driving.


After we arrived back home, he changed modes to get into our previously arranged date for the evening: he fixed dinner for the two of us (actually he had been working on part of that all day as he was smoking some pork out on the open fire all day). He turned this into a candlelight dinner for two. All I had to do was show up at the table. Our date then moved to our room where we watched a movie which I had picked out when our date was scheduled. Kathy, I'm sorry (well, not really! :) ) that we didn't make it back on the call after finishing the movie....we were.....busy!


As far as the HSKC???? I didn't keep count! I will say that I was not lacking!


Day 2, Sunday: While I was in the shower, my breakfast was delivered to our room. Passion4one fixed lunch for the family after we got home from church. He helped with the dishes cleanup from our Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch.


Later in the afternoon, I finally had time to get Christmas stuff packed away (yes, I know it's February). He helped get boxes out and taken downstairs. First time ever that I remember, he helped me take the tree apart and boxed up! He helped get boxes back upstairs and stored away. All this was from my one request to help me get boxes down, and he paused from what he was working on to help take the tree apart.


While I was packing some of the boxes, he fixed supper and then helped with the cleanup from the meal.


HSKC???? Again, I didn't keep count and was not lacking!


Day 3, Monday: passion4one is at work now, but before leaving home, he already had 5 HSKC's deposited into my "love bank." Plus, before his starting work, I received 2 phone calls and 2 text messages to count there as well.


I can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings! :D

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Good start guys. Here's the book we promised. This link and coupon is good until the end of the month. We are formally releasing the book to stores tomorrow, so these digital versions have to come down this month. Get it soon and keep up the good work for those ladies.


No limit on these downloads. Get your own, get your wife a copy, send them to other guys who need help.

Just do it before the end of this month.


Go to this link...


Click "BUY" and use this code to reduce the price to $0.00


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this is AWESOME!!!    Passion4one is not only in the race, he is out to WIN!!!


Wow!  Ok couples, it tooks like, Passion4one is setting the bar high here.  


Great job "Passion4one."  Keep going.


I just said to Joel, I hope Passion4one didn't put all of his energy into those 3 days and sputter out :!:  :!:  :!:   LOL!  No sputtering out :!:  :!:  :!: LOL


We believe in you :!:  :!:  :!:



Ok, on  a side note:  


1.  Have you got your date scheduled for this week?  Needs to be scheduled by Wednesday of each week.


2.  Do you have your "special date" scheduled for a month or two in advance?  If not, get busy on that.  

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When you post, put your spouses name in the pos, t up by your name so I can know who is connected to who.  I would have to respond to a post and put the wrong spouse in there.  THAT would not be good!!  lol  


I am so excited about this contest.  


Forrest Gump, when you started this process, it was difficult to break through the dysfunction, and we had to keep prodding you on to success.  We were your Brides backup!  lol  And everyone, he pressed through, and that is why he can write about it and encourage other husbands to keep going.  That is what this contest is meant to do.   


Everyone, that is what we are doing here, This contest is meant to get a husband to focus out on the prize, your Bride, thus changing and becoming the man God called you to be by being the husband your wife NEEDS you to be.  Yes, there are other prizes too, but the number one prize and the prize that counts is your Bride and becoming the man God has called you to be.  

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As You Wish.


You can do this.  YOU are MORE than capable.  


We actually teach the guys here in the ministry, that when your wife asks you to do something for her ( request, shares a need ) to reply back with "absolutely."  and then go do it.  Another way of saying that would be


"As you wish" my love. 


So, when your Bride shares a need or desire, you have the privileged of replying back with "As you wish my love" and when you  apply the "Action" to the request/need/desire you raise her "Oxytocin" and by doing that she begins to feel great about life and about who ever is raising her Oxytocin.  It also makes her immune system to work great. She begins to feel good about life and; you.  She is more relaxed, wants to have more fun.  Finds herself laughing more.  Things that really bothered her, many of them don't bother her, either at all or not as much.  .That "whoever" is suppose to be YOU, "As you Wish."  


By not meeting those Needs/desires/ requests, you raise her "Cortisol."  Cortisol is the "Stress chemical in her body.  You cannot have the Cortisol and Oxytocin raised at the same time.  It's one or the other.  

When the Cortisol is raised, ti causes her immune system to not work at its best.  It opens your wife up  to diseases, colds, flu, etc

She notices most things, if not everything that is wrong.  She becomes very crabby and life is very frustrating.  


Oxytocin, cortisol, Oxytocin, cortisol, , Oxytocin, cortisol.....hmmmmmmmm   :)   :)   :)


OXYTOCIN  :!:  :!:  :!:



You can't go wrong by saying and doing "As you wish."  

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So my husband decided that this contest was going to be his win.  A happy wife with a happy life.  In our marriage we agreed that when our kids go to bed we can do "mini dates."  Well, Friday night was us embarking on a new life Journey in our marriage. My Husband and I, are steamrolling through life on a new job.  I can't believe we are actually are enjoying this new journey, so we enjoyed a chocolate malt together and watched movies.  It was so wonderful cuddling up next to a friend at that moment.  Something that in the last years I don't think I have said to much of that word!  Saturday afternoon was our "official date night."  I was sick for almost a month, and so my husband signed us up for a couples massage.  SUPER RELAXING!!  After that, my husband and I returned home to him drawing a bubble bath for me.  Complete with candles, chocolates, HEAT, and a "gushy romance movie" while he got on the men's call, and then I returned the favor and he also had a bubble bath.  (Though, I'll leave his masculinity in tacked so I'll let you figure out if he had candles or not...) We both agreed that we are adding bubble baths to our "mini dates" during the week! 


The hugs, smiles, kisses, and complements are over flowing, however there is always room for more in my book.  When I feel like I am overflowing; then, this wife will be outrageously happy!!!


Today is Monday, and my husband just informed me our date night is scheduled for 3pm-ish. ( If you know me, you would understand that I am ALWAYS running late!) and that we both agreed that Valentine's Day is everyday for us.  The new journey of a job our money so super tight so we are saving up for our big date.


Ok here is the AMAZING part of my husband!..( Well everything is lol...) but our special big date is a Honeymoon do-over!! Our honeymoon, well let's just say open heart surgery awake would have been more pleasant! lol.... The place where we are striving to go to is Cancun!! This wife is VERY excited to re-do her Honeymoon with a Husband that she originally wanted to marry!!


My Husband currently can not register on the forum do to the forum won't let him...lol

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Chose Love,


Thank you!  It was an inspired :idea:  from HEAVEN.  The RACE is ON :!:


Passion4one was in the lead and then BAM, Fuzzywuzzybear came up from behind and now they are neck and neck. LoL


Oh my gosh, Who will make it to the finish line FIRST :!:  :!:  :!:   .


 This is going to be fun to watch.  


Ok, any of you other guys, who are going to join the Contest,you better get started.  Its not to late.    

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