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God Save My Marriage

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What can I say? When I went back to bed after passion4one left for work this morning, I felt like I don't really ever remember feeling like. If I have, it's been far too long and buried to remember. I felt the great big SMILE radiating from my innermost being all the way through my body. WOW! Kathy, is this that "swimming in oxytocin" you mentioned on the call last night?


To complete day 3: passion4one was a little longer getting home from work than I anticipated. Part of that is that I forgot he was making a stop. The bigger part is that in that stop he was also looking for just the right chocolate to bring home.... for me! The kids also got a piece, but I had one for last night and one to save for today!


After supper, he immediately got up and started helping me with the dishes, doing his "normal" task (which normally I have had to remind him about) of drying the dishes AND our daughter's task of putting them away. I tend to think that might have been to keep her out of the kitchen so we could have fun doing the dishes by ourselves! ::love


As I said on the call last night, there was no problem in having all 20 HSKC's in for the day.


While we were waiting for our turn on the call, he ran my cherry blossom candlelight bubble bath and fixed our bowl of popcorn (plus a bowl for the kids).


It is really amazing that he stayed with the call until our turn to talk as it was getting quite late given his early morning start hour.


Although very late getting off the call, I then was blessed with my foot rub, my promised back rub...... well, ok, it turned into a full body rub, and you can let your imagination figure out where it ended. :eyes:


As I am sitting here, I am admiring my "9 days of Valentines" flowers (as he called them) which he gave to me Friday night so that I could enjoy them now leading up to Valentine's Day.


The best part of all this is that I do not in the slightest bit "feel" that any of this is being done because of a contest. He is doing this because he wants to bless me! :)

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Joel is talking to one of the guys on the mens call who said some things that he should not have said.


What not to say!  


New Contest:  "What Not To Say!"  Contest.  


Compile a list, so husbands can go to the list and go 


"Oh;, ok, that would not be a good thing to say....hmmmmm.  Thats on the "What Not To Say List."  LOL  

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I have the date planed for this weekend with little min dates tho out the week tell saturday for date night. i am helping around the house with making superb and cleaning up and working on the kids homework when have some to do and putting the kids to sleep,  I have been getting the 8 to 10 hsc when I am home from work and when i am not home i give texts to my wife when i able to. 

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1love, said,



I felt the great big SMILE radiating from my innermost being all the way through my body. WOW!




"Kathy, is this that "swimming in oxytocin" you mentioned on the call last night?"







The best part of all this is that I do not in the slightest bit "feel" that any of this is being done because of a contest. He is doing this because he wants to bless me!   :)




Perfect  :!:  :!: 

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So the last couple of days have been ok.  Their have been some moments where we have just clicked, and others where he took a rocket ship and decided to fly to mars. The biggest thing I am looking for out of this contest is to be happy 90% of the time and 10% human.  The last couple of days, I have been using the "Scarecrow" word a lot!  Scarecrow for us is the same as him not on my channel.  If you are a Wizard of Oz fan you will understand that the Scarecrow goes to see the Wizard for a brain.  He is a wonderful, caring, and helpful Scarecrow just not on Dorthy's channel half the time.  Also I do have to remind him that his 8-10 kisses tank is getting low.


(Wives, for us we like to have fun as much as possible, so we use clever little triggers to remind us of different things.  Also, we are the type of couple to break out into a song at any given moment!  lol)


So, Yesterday was a little bumpier with outside pressures turning up the heat into our kitchens.  My Husband decided that I needed some OXYTOCIN!!  My husband suprised me with the GREAT news that he has Thursday (today), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, (Valentine's Day), and Monday off of work and possibliy next Friday!!  Ladies this is the most AMAZING news for me to here because I miss my Husband working such long hours in my book!!  


My Husband came skipping into the house with this AMAZING news, and showered me with kisses, and snuggles.  One of my favorite things!!  Towards the end of the night our "mini date" tonight was a joyous occation!  We made hot chocolate, ( because it is -10 below zero) played our favorite card game while talking/laughing, and then he drew me a bath.  My body is not enjoying this frozen tundra of a state, so the bath with bath salts feels AMAZING!  He did this complete with cranking up the heat in the bathroom, turning the dryer on for an hour, candles, my favorite chocolates, and a wonderful Hallmark Movie Channel movie in my "Sauna Romantico" while he put the food from supper away (which we made together...nice suprise since I usually can't stand much due to weather/not feeling good), and cleaned the kitchen.  Let me tell you ladies their is nothing so romantic and relaxing for me as knowing I don't have to do dishes!! This is done while I am showered with kisses (and touches), and my kittens watching their Mom and Dad become romantic.


I ended the "Sauna Romantico" with slidding into a warm, heated, bed and another cup of steaming hot chocolate.  Let me tell you ladies on those cold winter nights, it's wonderful to warm up to a big warm/cuddly husband!! 


I awoke this morning with a talkative and joyous attitude.  Aka without coffee!!! lol... My husband was laying next to me snuggling the morning away. It was heaven on earth!  We both where making breakfast and coffee together and have different "mini dates" planned today.  If the kids are at school and we have things to do, then call the "mini dates."


Completely enjoying this little time to share!  Saturday we are leaving to our "official date," and I can't be more excited!! I am supposed to dress up "to the nines" and get ready for a romantic evening!!  EEEKKKSS!!  This is one excited wife!! The Oxytocin a flowing like crazy!!!!!


Just so ya'll do understand my husband is fuzzywuzzybear....

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that is awesome!  Looks like you and Passion4one are in the runnings.  Keep going, your doing a great job. Keep it up!!!


On a side note:  


Congratulations  with Legal Shield.  Ya'll are doing an amazing job.  Oklahoma here we come!  


What is exciting is ya'll could possibly win the all expense paid trip to the 


"Moon Palace, all inclusive Resort," in Cancun Mexico and go with us along with Chris and Jennifer Jane.  Joel and I, Chris and Jennifer Jane have already won the trip.  so excited to go. One of Joel and mines dreams is to be able to have trips like this and go with our 'kids" from the Marriage Ministry.  So  Aim high!


So when we talk about having "something for a wife to look forward to," I'd say THIS  #1 destination in the world would qualify.  Just sayin  ::love  ::clap


When you run a business together, you have to keep it all balanced.  What's nice about running a homebased business together is that it gives the husband plenty of time to hit the 20/20/20/20 HSKC's.  


In the midst of it all, you'll get to have other times when you go to a meeting etc but then afterwards you may turn it into a spur of the moment date.  Or the event itself can be a date as well.  But the event's can't be "THE" date,  "The date" should be something relaxing and fun for ya'll.  Away from the stress of home and business. Time to connect,  watch a movie or go and DO something fun other than a "learning" thing.  


Great job ya'll.   ::clap  ::clap  ::clap

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Of course,


Passion4one, I am only hearing "great things" about you.  Braging left and right.  Smiles through the phone.  If her smiles get any brighter, I might actually see the light through the phone line.  


Great job, keep it up.  


Really proud of you/ya'll.  

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Wow! Thank you, Kathy, for both posts. The smile keeps radiating!


Day 4: Tuesday: In every bed of roses, I guess there has to be some thorns.


HSKC's before passion4one left for work was like 11, and he wondered how he would ever get them in for the day? Really????  Needless to say 20+ were in before our night came to a close after getting off the call.


The thorns? Well, I got up after supper to do dishes. He didn't. However, he did start working on a thermostat control module for my car. I will admit that I kept struggling with the dishes because he wasn't helping me as he had the night before. The kids were in another room again. Yes, he was sitting at the counter not far from me, but it wasn't the same. The battle raged in my mind: he's not helping like last night: yes, but he is working on your car! It was truly all me that was the problem at the time.


I washed the dishes and went to my computer (to sulk!). He walked past to our room, sat on the bed, and asked me to come sit beside him. When I got there, he reached behind me and picked up the package of peanut m&m's he had gotten for me the night before. By the way, this is my favorite kind of m&m's. I just kind of melted. The battle in my mind was gone.


He went back to the counter, and I asked if he had checked the forum. He did then, and I pointed out what I had written about the dishes of the night before. I reminded him of the high standard he has set for everyone, including himself.


I told him of my battle. He said he was going to dry the dishes (and he did do so), but was doing the other first while I was in the kitchen.


That night he brought one of my favorite snacks to me before we went to bed: dill pickle slices with slices of cheddar cheese (childhood memories!). We had a very good night to an overall very good day! ::love


Day 5: Wednesday: HSKC's still overflowing! This was a small bit of a challenge to get them in with church last night, but he still managed fashionably well.


Everything was really good. Ladies' call was great as I told Kathy what we had looked at for our anniversary (May) but not scheduled yet. During the ladies' call, he had texted about our date night for this week. I had previously texted a couple of suggestions to take some pressure off of trying to fit a date in while accommodating a shopping trip I am doing with our daughter. (Relationship with daughter very much in need of one on one time) He had a different suggestion, which I was fine with.


Thorn time: He got home from work, we ate supper, and had a little time before leaving for church. There seemed to be some confusion in our date for the week as he referred back to the text I had sent earlier rather than his. I reminded him it was Wednesday, and he needed to have it figured out before the end of the day. I also told him that I had talked about our anniversary possibilities on the ladies' call. He didn't know what I was talking about! What??!! I told him to think about it. He finally remembered on his own.


Leaving for church, he said he didn't want me to be frustrated. I said I was. He knew it. We got out of church before the kids did, so we were able to talk things out, and all was good. Our date is planned. I will let him post about that as I want to keep him active here rather than my telling all.


After church, he (we) spent a lot of time looking at the best options for our anniversary. So much time that we were both on overload and shut the computer down.


Here's a real biggie that I noticed at supper last night and told him about while waiting for the kids. Our son (#5) actually gave two or three really big smiles while in "conversation" with passion4one! I haven't seen him smile in connection with dad in I don't know how long. I rarely get them. Could the ice be melting? ::clap

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Ok, so I know I should wait for fuzzywuzzybear to post this; however I am far to "beaming" to hold silent!!


So my fuzzywuzzybear ended up surprising me with a Valentine's Gift EARLY!!  His whole plan was he ordered chocolate covered strawberries and a fuzzywuzzybear from Edible Arrangements, and they where to arrive at my doorstep while he was at work.  Well, God decided that my husband was supposed to be home.  


The note said, "To my one and only, my wife, my friend.  I hope you enjoy your gift.  This is a little gift to show my love to you! Love all ways."


This left me speechless!! ( Usually I'm not quiet...or left speechless..lol)


Talk about tears flowing down my face, and no words could be said for a good five minutes!


I'll let him explain the rest....

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We have a busy weekend again like normal so in effort to save up for our anniversary trip to New Orleans she suggested a simple date, low cost, and didnt want me working to fix anything with the battle for our kitchen at home.  She has ask or more than she understands, asking me got get buy a pizza for out date when she even admitted i make better ones so we will see if I listen to her on this but we have been having lots of 20's today and all week. I have not seen this side of here for a long while,we have had a lot of good times since the intensive but i think we have finally gone beyond that and are happier that we have been in years.  she is smiling and responding to the 20's with a whole to level of passion.  I can only look forward to the coming weeks. :razz:

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Wow!  Wooohooo!!!  What a report This is exciting.  .  ::clap  ::clap  ::clap  . 


Im loving these reports from yall and "1love and hubby"passion4one."  


This contest is great.  The last time we did a contest like this, the couples were barely breathing, while forcing themselves to do just enough to get by.  Ugh!  :wub:  


Keep up the good work and forge onward :arrow:  toward the goal.   :arrow:

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HSKC's before passion4one left for work was like 11, and he wondered how he would ever get them in for the day? Really????  Needless to say 20+ were in before our night came to a close after getting off the call Our son (#5) actually gave two or three really big smiles while in "conversation" with passion4one! I haven't seen him smile in connection with dad in I don't know how long. I rarely get them. Could the ice be melting?  ::clap       That should ya'll real proud to see your son smile. It means it is working and he is seeing it work.  That is going to go far in his heart for the future.  Passion4one, you are setting an example before him of "what works and what DOES NOT work. "  Keep up the good work.  Stay consistent, you can do this.
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HSKC's before passion4one left for work was like 11, and he wondered how he would ever get them in for the day? Really????  Needless to say 20+ were in before our night came to a close after getting off the call.


That is way cool.

Keep up the good work there Passion4one.  You can do this.  Stay steady the pace.  See consistency is a major key in this journey.  You can do this.  


I love how you turned the "dishes" issue around with the m&ms.  You did good.  She is right, you have set the bar high.  Your can continue to go UP but you can't go backwards. 

I understand the hours you work and being tired, but you will feel more and more energy the more you see the smile on your Brides face and hear her brag over and over about you.  




Our son (#5) actually gave two or three really big smiles while in "conversation" with passion4one! I haven't seen him smile in connection with dad in I don't know how long. I rarely get them. Could the ice be melting?  ::clap


This to me, speaks volumes Passion4one.  You are setting an example for this child and all the kids right now.  In the past; you set a bad example, but now you are in process of turning the ship around and setting the "right" example.  Proud of you.  Great job!!  Keep it up!  ( see, :grin:  I can compliment, when those compliments are earned and deserved.)  lol ::clap  ::clap  ::clap

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Day 6: Thursday: I mentioned to passion4one after he got home from work that he had been doing exceptionally well in the HSKC department for the week. I also brought to his attention that comparatively speaking he was lagging behind a little this day as there were not as many before work as other days this week. I think that has something to do with the limited time we were together before he left. He had no problem whatsoever making up for the lost ground and hitting the 20+ mark.


I asked for his help on fixing supper, which he gladly gave. I'm telling you, he missed his job calling. I don't know how many times we have talked about starting a restaurant! We worked together on cleanup which was all done before men's call time.


Here's some more really cool ice melting: #5 son: earlier in the day he had asked if I wanted to help with a puzzle. He had broken pretzel pieces laid out on the counter and was trying to piece them together. I thought he had broken them and knew they fit together. I was wrong; it was the broken pieces out of the bag. The cool thing(s) here is that he is making a crazy, fun activity; asking me to help; and having fun! Passion4one was getting drinks for supper while I went to our room for something. I heard him ask who all wanted water. I responded affirmatively. I didn't hear daughter's response. What I heard of son's response was "thank you for asking." What? I asked passion later about what I thought I heard. Son had not initially responded so passion had asked him specifically. He responded with, "No, thank you for asking. I'll get my own." ... in a pleasant tone. This is huge. Anytime I have asked him specifically due to lack of response, I have gotten a poorly toned answer of, "Did I say I did?" This morning when I told son, "good morning" he responded with "good morning". I usually have not gotten any response.


Last night in helping our daughter with math corrections (which usually doesn't go well), she started to develop an attitude. I calmly brought it to her attention, and she dropped it.


I have to believe they are changing in response to my wonderful husband! :eyes:


Last night was a very good night!

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Hey guys will what I can I say that i was a truly awesome to been a blessing to my wife. i can start by saying with helping with kids all week and planing the date and letting her know what was the date was and letting my wife not to much about the date tho lol. I started off ordering a box of sweetbriers on Thursday but the box of sweetbriers didnt make it here thursday so we went on are day by going out do some "shopping!!" and going to coffee shop but as we left there was a ups truck was a next street down so i stop and see if the box was in there for and it was so in all the truck i pick the right one. yes the date is going awesome we went shopping then we went coffee shop to have a some awesome coffee so we sat down to have some coffee and i pull out some cards the date even got better. i even have off for three days of work even better to be around my wife. Friday woke up with breakfast in bed then my wife had a paner day that i planed for my wife and then my wife bless me with a dress pants and tee. are saturday morning we a friend come over in morning for breakfast that a great time the we went out to for a date night went to are coffee shop had some tea and got some cards and we great time there so move on are date to amazing dinner that was awesome to see my with the biggest smile on her face ever. I

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Day 7, Friday: Although the day ended on a very bad note as discussed on the couples' call Saturday night, it was a very good day up to that point.


Passion4one was easily getting 20+ HSKC's in for the day.


Supper was ready when he got home from work. Our middle daughter had come up to our "work house" for the night so she and I could go shopping on Saturday. Supper time was great. Passion helped me on cleanup after I sent him a text reminder of the awesome example he could set for the three children that were with us (He had taken care of his and daughters' dishes and then gotten his computer out - I think to get on forum if I remember correctly. Son and I had already taken care of our dishes.).


So just the quiet text reminder and he readily got up and helped me with the things that don't go in the dishwasher. The kids went to the living room to play on my Ipad while we had fun in the kitchen doing dishes.


Question to self: Does he now see why I want his help on the dishes every evening? ::love  I do think he is seeing that the mundane task of dishes can be fun when we work together.....much better than the yucky "used and abused" feeling of left alone to do everyone's dishes while they go off to do their own thing!


After dishes, the five of us played Apples to Apples for a really long time. One time when he read the card, after all the definitive words, he said it was me! I had one that I said would have to be him. We kept playing around back and forth like that. We all had a really good time. I especially enjoyed the family time as it just doesn't happen in our world very much. His playing games with us is something that was never even considered in times past. During "intermission" time, passion4one fixed two pans of popcorn (time to restock!).


Everything was good until he threw a wet blanket on things by over-reacting to our very boisterous youngest daughter. Details don't need mentioned here as it was all dealt with on the call Saturday.


The night ended with my telling him that he needed to apologize to the kids, and it wasn't done. :mad:


The incident with our daughter was bad enough, but his refusal to listen to me and apologize really hurt to the core of my being.


Does this act negate all the good for the day? How does one even judge that?


Day 8, Saturday: I don't even know what to say about Saturday. Our daughter and I were gone from the house around 8-9 hours. She had requested that we both silence our phones so that we did not have intrusions into our time together.


I will say that I had the impression that passion4one was ready to just wake up as if nothing had happened the night before, and all was good. Well, I can't do that. There were unresolved issues that had prevented me from sleeping in peace and happiness. He was the reason they were unresolved. He had to resolve them.


I will give him credit that he tried to get all the 20's in for the day. I didn't count, maybe he did get them in. I'll just go out on a limb and say he met the mark. The problem is that with unresolved issues screaming out for attention, getting 20 in is just a number. So how many really touched my heart for the day? I don't know. I know they weren't at all like the 20's that he had been showering me with all week. I feel like I should put most of this in my own thread, but I'll leave it here. Maybe someone else needs this dialog.


I know that all day he was trying to "do" the right thing and make it right. He cleaned the main bathroom. He offered to fix breakfast. He tried lots of kisses. He did this. He did that. As I think about the day, here is what I see. He was coming from that "little boy that lost sight of mommy" place and was trying to get back in visual contact. It was all about him. He was trying to "make amends" before my shopping. We did talk once on the phone while daughter was trying clothes on and got some miscommunication cleared up. But with all these attempts, it was still all about him. I WANT MOMMY!


I wish I had seen this on Saturday. I think maybe it would have saved the day. I really am just seeing it now as I am thinking back over it to put it here.


The younger two children were staying at the work house to ride home with my shopping partner. Passion asked me what he was supposed to do. I said whatever he thought best. He could have gone on home, but he didn't. I was surprised (and yes, I will say pleasantly surprised) to hear that he was still at the work house when we headed back from shopping. I think that in times past he would have gone on home, maybe I'm wrong. (as in a "Pick up my toys and go home" attitude) So I do see some good here that he stayed. Maybe some growth?!


The kids left soon after we got back. I left within an hour, and he left soon after. I was stopping for frozen pizza for supper among other stops. I was exhausted by the time I got home. He too had made a couple of stops, but our paths didn't cross until we pulled in the drive at home.


He unloaded my car and his. I went upstairs. He brought supper up to me.


We got on the call.


He did apologize after he got in bed (and woke me up). This brought up more discussion which I will put in my thread.


I got up and was escorted to a vase of three beautiful red roses he had gotten me for Valentine's Day. It was after midnight so it was official!


Day 9, Sunday: He fixed breakfast while I fixed our dishes to take to our church potluck. He actually helped with that too. He went through the fire for me. Well, ok, it wasn't the fire, it was the pot of boiling water. I was fixing mac 'n cheese. I was very distracted apparently (with his close proximity?). I opened up the first box and dumped it in the boiling water....complete with cheese packet! He reached in with his hand and got it out for me! At least it was floating on top of the water. :blush:


Before leaving for church, he gave me the most beautiful Valentine's card I could ever ask for. I don't know how he always seems to find just the right one, but he does. I think he has to shop somewhere else than I do, but I know it's the same place. He also had a box of Cadbury caramel eggs for me. (YUM!)


Finally on our way to church, I felt a complete release of the yuck of Friday night and Saturday. We're back on track and going strong.


He was quite the gentleman at the church dinner. On our way home, he stopped to get our Valentine dinner items. I want him to post some so I will let him tell about our private dinner for two.


The only thing wrong with our date was that our internet was not cooperating with our movie plans.


I started looking for mother of the bride dresses. Because of how he is making me feel, I am looking at dresses that I would never had pictured myself in. I can start to visualize myself in the dresses and in his arms. I like the picture! :eyes:


Oh, 20's? I don't know if I can count that high!


Day 10, Monday: I could get so use to being in a happy place. I'm beginning to wonder exactly what it is like. I feel pretty good, but I know I'm not there. I think it might be like trying to compare a really beautiful place on earth (your pick) with heaven. How do you compare that? We haven't seen heaven but can see some really awesome places here. I know we haven't "arrived" in our OHM but am experiencing some really good times.


HSKC's: 20+


The kids and I arrived at the work house maybe 30 minutes before passion did. He helped fix supper while I assisted on supper and put groceries away. He helped with cleanup.


Then came the fun of looking at things to do on our anniversary trip. Oh, this is like a first time thing here. He put in his vacation request for our anniversary.....he was the first one in the company requesting vacation time. He usually is the last and can't get the desired time because someone else already has it!


I want him to tell more about this trip so I'll quit for now.










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She already talked about last night and dinner.  After dishes were done we looked at the list of activities she had found for our 35th wedding anniversary trip we are planning.  Sunday night we booked the hotel, last night we picked out the list of things we are going to do with more to look at tonight.  We are taking care of several bucket list of things she has wanted to do.  Train trip to New Orleans, evening dinner cruise on an old paddle boat with a jazz band, a coach ride around French Quarters, and who knows what all we will end up doing while there.  Things were great last night was on the call till late.  We had time for lots of 20's.  


Today was a long day where I was busy all day not able to do much texting as most of the day was in rubber gloves cleaning gunky ink.  But I managed to get a few text in and a call.  With it being such a nice day out on the way home from work talking with 1love I ask if what she had panned for supper and it wasnt yet so I suggested grilling out some chicken breast to go with the leftovers we had.  That was welcomed so when i got home we worked together on dinner. I prepped the chicken and then headed out to the grill after plenty of hskc's .  So to amuse her while i was cooking chicken on the grill I made a snowman (creature) for here on the table on the deck which of coarse she had to take pictures of and more pictures as i tended the chicken and added items to the snow creature.  Supper was great already dried the dishes and started the dishwasher for the rest of the dishes.  She is smiling tonight so things are going well.  Time for me to get on the call early and keep the fun going with my love.

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I started valentines day with fixing breakfast while she fixed food for a potluck at church,  lots of 20's while we worked together.  Afterwards I was getting ready putting on a new shirt and tie that she had gotten for me along with dress pants for going to church, I tried on my suit coat but that didn't really go with the pants.  But she put on a smile and I thought maybe we wouldn't make it to church but since she plays the piano that would be hard for her to not show up.  We had a great time at the church dinner we worked together getting the food she brought ready to serve getting more 20's in as we worked. It had snowed Sunday morning and the roads were a mess on the way home so i was driving slow all the way home although I did slip up once.  While on interstate where they had cleared the snow I had accelerated on a bridge that brought back bad memories of a spin that she had done in our van on a bridge with the children which scarred her really bad so I had to apologize for taking her back to that bad place.


I had wanted to make pizza for our valentines date night but was given very specific directions not to take time to do that so I had gotten the best frozen pizza for our evening.  We had a movie planned so I fixed the pizza and brought it up to our bedroom for our private dinner date. I got dressed back up into the clothes that she liked so well and added the suite coat.  We had a very good time eating and talking but the the movie turned out to be a frustration with the internet not cooperating to play the movie.  But we still had a good evening late into the night.  She was very happy the next morning as she has posted about earlier this week.  I don't think I can remember her being this happy before.  


I am determined to keep her the happiest woman in the world, at least in my house.   ;-)

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Day 11, Tuesday: I don't know how to handle all this.....if it gets much better, I may just float off into oblivion! LOL!


Can I just say that we will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in May. I have NEVER known this man that is masquerading as my husband! In our early years I thought he was pretty good. I know now that he really wasn't as good as I thought, but at least he was a LOT better than what he became.


Now he has taken things to a whole new level. WOW!


Passion4one said:


I had to apologize for taking her back to that bad place.


This isn't that I made him apologize. I shared my heart, he listened, and he apologized because he was sorry he had brought that up in my mind!


HSKC's 20+.


Passion4one grilled out some wonderful chicken for supper. It is so sad today. The precious little snow creature (bear?) which he made for me last night is now in two pieces. Poor little thing!!!!  :cry:  He still has a smile on his face though, so he must still be happy. ;-)


We are having a lot of fun working together in the kitchen....and a lot of fun playing in other places! ::love


After being on the call last night, we finished watching the movie which we had started Sunday night. The internet here was working much better than it was at home.




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