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God Save My Marriage

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Hi there,

I am new here. I need advice on my family situation. I have been married to an unbeliever for 28 years. We have 3 children. My son who is 20 years old is in the house and has not worked in 6 months. On Saturday I came home from being out with my daughter and he immediately told us he needed help with the wheel barrel as he was cleaning up the yard. I went into the home and went to my sons’s room to tell him that his dad could use some help with the yard work. I knocked on the door, then opened it when he answered me.

I said that his dad was was working hard outside and could use his help. So I asked him. He got angry with me and said what the “f..... did I want “ and “get the “f..... out of his room. He said He had not asked him.

I told my husband what transpired and he did nothing. I’m still waiting for him to talk to my son and he hasn’t. How much time do I wait. This is not the first time and I’m afraid it won’t be the last .

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Hello Hummnbird!


i'm sorry, it appears you have not received a reply!  Have you read Joel and Kathy's books?  You will find them SO encouraging and enlightening.  Also, for a start, perhaps you should give Kathy a call.  She would be happy to help you get started on your road to a happy marriage.  That IS possible!  I know from experience.  Kathy's number is 1-386-334-7873

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