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God Save My Marriage

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Wife filed for divorce Aug. 31st this year. I was pretty shocked.I am a fully devoted Christian, so is she and I knew we have had problems for years but Divorce for me was never an option. Will be married 12 years Feb. 2020 and have a set of boy girl twins that are nine. I made a lot of mistakes, neglected a lot of my responsibilities and never really treated her like the treasure she is. Not to make excuses but I work for a manf. company that works rotating 12 hour shifts so there were some times of tiredness to go along with some low testosterone issues as well. I have the Low T deal worked out and have been much better the last few years. I had a lot of anger issues and outbursts over the years that played into this as well as a lot of hurtful words towards her. I love and cherish her with all that I have but like so many times failed to show each and every day. I hurt for her as well as my kids and then obviously hurt inside myself. Looking for a miracle that only God can do and Heal her heart mind and soul to transform each of us into a better marriage than we had before. 

Thanks for listening.



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Hello Jared,

i'm sorry you have not received a reply before.  Do you know about Joel and Kathy's books and their phone calls?  I think, if you haven't done so already, you should give Joel a call right away!  It may be that your marriage can still be saved!  I don't have his cell phone number handy but their house phone is 1-386-206-3128

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