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God Save My Marriage

Testimony from Saovorn - lived in our home for 8 months and won his wife's heart back!

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Testimony from Saovorn.
Saovorn found us 8 months ago. His wife had left and taken the children to Florida. She and their little girls were living with her sister here in Palm Coast. He had been in PC for 3 weeks. He reserved a couple weeks in our home through Airbnb and cancelled. We inquired why. He said he had given up and was going back to Mass. "She hates me. Her family hates me. She is never going to get back together with me." What a "coincidence" that he had landed on our doorstep! We invited him to our home to meet with Joel for a couple hours. He decided to stay for a month to give it another go. That turned into 8 months, living in our home! We enjoyed having his littel girls here about 25% of the time. Last Sunday, May 30, 2021, Saovorn, his wife and their precious 2 little girls moved into their own townhouse together! His five year old cried. She was so happy that they were back together as a family!
Here is a short testimony from Saovorn:
"Sept 2020 - June 2021 - This past 8 months have been the worst 8 months in my short 37 years of existing. But with Joel and Kathy's guidance I have been able to experience my miracle! I still have not arrived yet though I'm well on my way to my happily ever after. I'm starting to think, no, I'm starting to KNOW that they know exactly what they're talking about. It's evident in their lives they practice what they preach: "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" I couldn't have done it without their support. God Bless them. Saovorn"
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